Katie Bially, Ambassador

Market Under the Stars 360° Video

Join the festivities at Market Under the Stars on City Square Plaza! This 360° video takes you through the crowds to experience all of the many activities that happen at Market Under the Stars in Regina. Click and drag around in the video to get the full experience.

Market Under the Stars on City Square Plaza

Regina’s downtown City Square Plaza always has something fun going on, especially during the summer! Katie checked out the last Market Under the Stars for the season and took in all the live music, dancing, and of course FOOD! All of the local eats and treats bring the crowds alive. Don’t miss it when it comes back next summer.

Learn more about Market Under the Stars and the City’s downtown!

“Hello. @cookieladyyqr. Hello matcha glazed donut w hemp seeds. Hello.”

“Oh my yum. I’ll take everything.”


Restaurant Week

Surely eating out every day isn’t wise? But, during Restaurant Week in Regina, we give it a pass! Regina Ambassador Katie Bially headed off to Crave Kitchen + Wine Bar to get her fill! Tell her what you’re favourite restaurant is by tagging her on on Instagram @ktble.





About last night – Amazing 3 course at @cravekwb @TourismRegina #RRW2017 @ReginaDowntown





About last night –  Amazing 1st course at @cravekwb @TourismRegina #RRW2017 @ReginaDowntown #seeyqr




MAIN COURSE #albacoretuna #lobsterwontons #honeymussel @cravekwb @TourismRegina #RRW2017 @ReginaDowntown #seeyqr #cravekwb





PERFECT ENDING   @cravekwb @TourismRegina #RRW2017 @ReginaDowntown #seeyqr #cravekwb #dessert

YQR Pulse Week

2016 is the International Year of Pulses and to celebrate Regina hosted the first ever Great Canadian Pulse off restaurant competition! Local chefs from across the city created a pulse-focused dish, which was voted on by the public. Check out all of the mouth-watering dishes Katie checked out. Search for more restaurants here.

“Pulse Week // @ and taco w/Moroccan chickpea salad @

“Pulse Week // @ BBQ Cassoulet  @

“Pulse Week // @vicstavern &  @

Luxury at The Hotel Saskatchewan

Katie was fully immersed in a night at The Hotel Saskatchewan. She got to partake in their new Ladies & Gentlemen Tea at Circa 27 Bar | Featuring Canadian and American whiskey flights, among other highlights. What would you look most forward to on your stay?

Tonight’s view // lucky to be at @HotelSK for the night … TBC #seeyqr




Hotel Bathroom // selfie always 💯 #seeyqr




2 PRETTY 2 EAT // #strawberry #butter #flowers@circa27_sk Afternoon Tea @hotelsk #seeyqr





Afternoon Delight // Afternoon Tea @circa27_skat @hotelsk #seeyqr