Suzy Krause, Ambassador

Saskatchewan Roughriders 360° Video

Get up close and personal with your favourite CFL team! Experience the action like a Saskatchewan Roughrider through this 360° video. Click and drag around in the video to get the full experience.

The Spring of Nostalgia

A 90’s tour? Oh say it ain’t so! Regina took a trip down memory lane this Spring with the ‘I Love the 90’s Tour.’ This tour featured some of our favorite classic 90’s bands such as: The Tea Party, Weezer, Vanilla Ice, Color Me Badd, Young MC, Rob Base, Salt-N-Pepa, Prozzak, Jimmy Eat World, Everclear, Vertical Horizan and Fastball!

Check out what Regina Ambassador Suzy thought of this tour:

“I can summon music. I’m the Music Summoner. My cape has the Bandsintown app symbol on it, and I only use my powers for the good of all humankind (but only the humankind that dwells in my immediate vicinity).
So, okay, I was on Twitter one day and I said something like (but not necessarily): “I love 90s music so much, it’s so great, I’d marry it, etc.”

That was all it took. It was like the magic horn (like a bugle, but richer) in the Narnia series that Father Christmas gave to Susan, with the instruction that she should blow it in emergencies and some kind of help would come to her. Twitter is my magic horn, and musical emergencies are a real thing. Don’t call me crazy behind my back; I have evidence.”

Saskatchewan Roughriders Game

You haven’t experienced Regina fully until you’ve been to a Riders game! Get in the action and be a part of the “13th man” in the stands. In Saskatchewan football fans bleed green and provide a fully immersive experience to all those in attendance. Through rain, snow or sun, they pack the stands in support of their favourite team, making them some of the best fans in the league. Read how Suzy spends a Rider game in her blog post, here.

Be a part of the energy, click here to see your first Rider game!

“Rider games feel like a cross between a family reunion and a music festival: you’ve got a bunch of people who see each other only at this event but are absolutely pumped that everyone’s there, and they’re all excited out of their minds to watch the show.”

“They’re all nuts super passionate about their team – like, more than the average football fanbase. You may roll your eyes and you may say, Everyone thinks that about the fans in their city. But nope. I’m telling you: They might actually bleed green. Once, when I was doing that cable show, I had to go to the Grey Cup and interview a bunch of them, so I know about this firsthand.”



We have all heard the stereotype that Regina is cold in the winter. We get it. BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it! This year Waskimo Winter Festival made it returns to Regina, bringing with it fun winter activities.

What was also surprising was that it brought some warmer temperatures too! Check out how Regina Ambassador Suzy spent the day.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Winter in Saskatchewan is unavoidable, long, and extreme—so why don’t we have more events like this to give ourselves something to look forward to? Having something to look forward to, even something little or silly or short, is SO GOOD FOR YOUR BRAIN. Especially when your brain is encased in a layer of thick ice for eight months of the year. We need stuff to keep our heads buzzing so the snow can’t settle inside them.

And yesterday, heads were buzzing. Everyone was just so dang happy to be outside. The city’s morale-o-meter must have shot up 90%.”


Continue reading about Suzy’s experience.

Teeth Week

There are tons of amazing restaurants in Regina and it’s almost impossible to try them all. However, Regina Ambassador Suzy made a strong effort during restaurant week. See what restaurants you need to head over to NOW.

The next night, Barclay and I went out with the Tourism Regina crew to The Willow on Wascana, another local restaurant I’ve never been to before but have always wanted to try. I think they called it a customer experience night, or something like that.

Basically, they brought us almost every dish on the menu, and the chef would come out and explain what we were eating and where they’d sourced the ingredients, etc, which is always a fun thing. We had bone marrow and bison tongue and pork wellington and wild boar chowder and oyster mushroom tostada with sheep’s feta and beef cheeks on gnocchi and some kind of fish and tandoori chicken and sour cream and onion doughnuts and chocolate budino and apple cake…

There might have been other things, too.

It was a legitimate Experience, though. Two days later, Barclay and I are still talking about it like it was a show we went to, discussing and dissecting the flavours and strange but wonderful combinations.


See what other delicious food and restaurants Suzy experienced and get inspired!