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Traveller Types

Icon Key

These icons were created using the Canadian Tourism Commission’s Traveller Guide as inspiration. They are included as a quick reference for tours and experiences highlighted throughout our website.

Family Friendly Traveller Family icon

Traveller type: Family-Friendly/No-Hassle Traveler
This type of traveller likes to keep it simple; decide where to say and how to get there, and leave your worries behind. You are most likely to enjoy going to festivals, theater performances and museums, and participating in guided tours.

Cultural Explorer Crown icon

Traveller type: Cultural Explorer
This type of traveller is easy-going and creative. You enjoy talking to the locals, getting in on the action, and taking the road less traveled. You are most likely to enjoy visiting heritage sites, cultural events, museums and festivals.

Free Spirit Bird icon

Traveller type: Free Spirit
This type of traveller is looking for luxury. You enjoy high-end accommodations, delicious culinary adventures and seeing what there is to see. You are most likely to enjoy luxury hotels, tourism hot spots, the top restaurants and night clubs.

Authentic Experience Lily icon

Traveller type: Authentic Experiencer
This type of traveller is independent and curious. For you, travel is a lifelong journey of learning. You love immersing yourself in the places you visit, before, during and after. You are most likely to enjoy visiting nature reserves, world heritage sites, hiking trails and museums.