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Meet The Ambassadors

#SeeYQR through the eyes of our Ambassadors! In Regina there are tons of things to see and do, with new shops, events, and attractions popping up all of the time. Here, it’s the locals who know it best, so who better to show it off? Check out our Regina Ambassadors below and see what they recommend for your next visit!


Justin Reves

Meet Justin. Justin has lived in Regina his entire life and he loves the people he gets to meet through his vlogs. “Regina is a smaller city steeped in humble, friendly Saskatchewan culture. That means we have access to a lot of great stuff while still being able to look each other in the eye on the street and not road rage in 45 minute traffic jams” says Justin. What’s the most unique experience in Regina, according to Justin? Walking, biking, or taking your Boosted Board around Wascana Park. It’s beautiful.
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Katie Bially

Katie Bially

This is Katie. Katie has been living in Regina on and off for 20 years and loves the baby pink sunsets and all of the sunshine. To her, Regina = relax, be inspired and then create. What’s her favourite unique experience in Regina? The Royal Suite in the Hotel Saskatchewan. Check into the Royal Suite at the Hotel Saskatchewan (where the Queen sleeps when she is here... Also where Justin Bieber & The Rolling Stones stay when they’re here) and spend the night.
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Suzy Krause

Suzy describes herself as an appreciator. She appreciates rich music, good food, funny people and unique experiences. She says it's the friendly, inclusive people that makes Regina different from other places she's travelled.

If you're looking for a truly unique experience - Suzy recommends Regina Folk Festival, which has interesting stage setups, an electric atmosphere in the middle of the city, and tons of free activities. Check out what else Suzy recommends.
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tyson liske

Tyson Liske

Meet Tyson! He's a husband of 1 and father of 3, which means life is always on the go. Whether at an event, on a walk in Wascana or whatever else is going on, he loves taking amateur iPhone pictures and sharing them. He calls Regina home and says it's full of amazing people. Looking for something not miss? Wascana Park in all its glory, hitting up a patio in the summer, Victoria Park and downtown in general.

He wants to showcase the best of Regina, the hidden gems and the stories that make Regina so great. It’s the best of two worlds; small town and big city.
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yaya wangcrop

Yaya Wang

Yaya calls herself outgoing, straightforward and always up for anything! Regina is her home and she says it's full of opportunities and constantly changing! According to her, the friendly nature of everyone and always being surrounded by familiar faces yet still constantly meeting new people is what makes the city different from others.

What's on her 'do not miss list?' All the small local shops that are filled with the most unexpected nick nacks, ice cream at Milky Way, poutine at Leo’s and the farmers market!
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