Just outside of Regina you can find tons of unique places to discover from parks to trains, and everything in between.

Beyond Regina

Athol Murray College of Notre Dame in Wilcox

Sixty kilometres southwest of Regina is the small community of Wilcox, home to one of Canada’s most reputable schools: Athol Murray College of Notre Dame. Hidden away in the school’s museum is a room of ancient manuscripts, historical artifacts, and is home to one of the largest rare books collections in North America. From medieval books, to the theological writings,  this room is a trove of history and magic. While at the College, you can admire some of the most beautiful pastel portraits of influential Canadians, as well as the Tower of God—which unites the world’s religions.

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Buffalo Pound Provincial Park

Located less than an hour from Regina, Buffalo Pound Provincial Park is an excellent choice for those looking to get close to nature, relax or experience some of the great boating and hiking that Saskatchewan has to offer. While you’re here, don’t miss the 2.9-km Bison View Interpretive Trail that provides a close-up view of bison as they stroll through the prairie. Also, visit the Nicolle Flats Interpretive Area to see both the summer home of the Great Blue Heron, and the winter home for the white-tailed deer. 

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Twilite Drive-In

Located in picturesque Wolseley, SK this is a great experience for the whole family. The Twilite Drive-In season runs from May to October, weather-depending. Visit their website for directions, pricing and to check out what’s playing!

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Last Mountain Provincial Park

Last Mountain House was constructed in 1869 by the Hudson’s Bay Company as a winter outpost of its Fort Qu’Appelle operation. The post only operated for a short time, but it marked the end of Southern Saskatchewan's fur trade, and the advent of settlement in the West. Located on a high plateau above Last Mountain Lake, the area provided the outpost with all the raw materials needed, while also used as a base from which to hunt and trade for dried meat, grease and pemmican. Last Mountain House’s primary role was to supply provisions for the Hudson’s Bay Company’s northern posts.

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Lajord Hutterite Colony

Hutterite people live in colonies belonging to the largest, oldest, and most successful communal society in the Western world. The Hutterite people are known for embracing modern technology for the well-being of their community. Eco Party Tours will escort you to an experience like no other, with visits to several areas on the Colony, and a chance to see their love of the land and spirituality. A home-cooked meal, prepared with Colony harvested food will be served in the communal dining room by the Hutterite women.

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Moose Jaw Tunnels and Temple Gardens Mineral Spa

Sixty kilometres west of Regina is the City of Moose Jaw. You will have a chance to experience and tour the historic “getaway tunnels” that exist between many of the downtown buildings. The Tunnels of Moose Jaw demonstrate how the networks of underground passages were used to smuggle liquor during the prohibition era. To complete this wonderful day trip, soak in the mineral waters of the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa before returning to Regina.

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Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site

The Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site offers a glimpse into daily life in the early 20th century. Guide yourself through the homestead of William Richard Motherwell, politician and agriculture activist, who founded the Department of Agriculture at the then-new University of Saskatchewan in 1908. The original field stone house and barn, built in 1897, still stands today.

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Outer Edge Adventure Park

Outer Edge Adventure Park is Saskatchewan’s newest eco-friendly outdoor attraction. Nestled along the Qu’Appelle Valley just outside of Lumsden, the park offers a zip line experience unlike any other— with spectacular views overlooking the valley, and other awesome adventures that will keep your adrenaline flowing. Reconnect with nature from new heights, and learn about local vegetation between lines at our interpretive nature stations. Bring out the inner ninja in you as you enjoy multiple climbs on our rock wall, or try out some of the other park activities.

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Rowan’s Ravine

Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park is located on the east shore of Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan’s largest natural lake. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll be able to enjoy the summer to it’s fullest here; with swimming, parasailing, fishing, hiking, biking, boating and mini-golf. Less than an hour north of Regina, it’s a great location to spend a day, or a weekend. Camping is available, or rent a cabin with a nearby restaurant that overlooks the lake.

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Southern Prairie Railway in Ogema

Experience a rail excursion similar to what pioneers of the 1920s would have experienced at the Town of Ogema. This exciting new adventure uses a renovated passenger car to take travellers back to the Age of Steel, when Canada’s fortunes depended on the movement of people and goods across our great nation. The train runs west along an old CPR branch line to Horizon Saskatchewan, where you’ll have a guided tour of the grain elevator that still stands as mute sentinel guarding the Land of Living Skies. 

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