5 Reasons to Visit Regina During Canadian Western Agribition

In the heart of the prairies, Regina is proud to be home of the Canadian Western Agribition for the last 51 years. This international event drives visitors from around the globe to show off what Regina, Saskatchewan and Canada has to offer when it comes to cattle, agriculture and community has to offer. Canadian Western Agribition is Canada’s top agricultural shows and Saskatchewan’s largest beef cattle show, where international guests come to Regina to show and sell top quality livestock, make important connections, share knowledge and build the industry. Guests of the show are of all ages and are entertained, educated and engaged with a wide variety of western excitement! Kick up your heels, party in the dirt, enjoy a paralyzer, and celebrate our local agricultural community!

Warm Prairie Welcome. 

Regina knows how to host events. Canadian Western Agribition has been proudly hosted in Regina for 52 years and is one of Regina’s Signature Events. Not only does it host the best beef show in Canada, but also includes horses, bison, sheep, goats, extensive agribusiness trade show, conferences, shopping food and more! The event is an international hub of agriculture excellence, hosting over 1,250 international guests from over 86 countries. CWA is where the world meets.

Experience Local Flavors. 

During CWA, we consume 17,000 paralyzers, 1.5 million doughnut calories, and countless burgers. a piece of advice to keep top of mind? Come to Regina hungry. Regina’s reputation as a leader in craft brewery  is never in question, and our creativity continues to shine in the craft cocktail culture has been similarly thriving for years. During the week of Canadian Western Agribition, expert bartenders will be serving up their take on paralyzers and locally infused cocktails that showcase local ingredients. So pull up a stool,  scan the Saloon Series app, and make your rounds at some of the curated cocktail locations we have to offer!

Get a front row seat at the Maple Leaf Finals Rodeo

If you only have time for one activity, make it the Maple Leaf Finals Rodeo. Wednesday to Friday at the Brandy Centre, the best cowboys and cowgirls in the world compete in eight major rodeo events over four nights with a chance to win $100,000.

Experience the power and excitement of Saddle Bronc Riding, the speed and athletic grace of Barrel Racing, and the thrills and spills of Bull Riding. Is this your first rodeo? Rodeo 101 is an educational video series that explains the sport, rules, athleticism, and animal care that are all part of the Maple Leaf Circuit Finals at Agribition and rodeos across Canada.

All the warm fuzzies. 

CWA has plenty of fuzzy friends to warm your heart, Bison, Horses, Cattle, Dogs, Alpacas, and Sheep, just to name a few! Being on the ground at CWA gives first hand experience of livestock that you may not have the day to day opportunity to interact with! Word to the wise, be sure to ask before reaching out an arm to greet an animal! This year, there are 2117 head of livestock attending the show!

That holiday shopping list, DONE

Sweets, western wear, home goods and more, it will be guaranteed to find something for everyone on your list at one of the 350+ vendors in attendance. The SaskTel Marketplace, located in The Co-operators Centre Arenas 2 &3, features cookware, jewelry, art, health and wellness products, home decor, clothing, beauty products, kitchen gadgets, and much more!


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