Kid’s Market

Do you know a kid that has an interest in business?

At the kids market they can experience and learn how to sell their own product!

What can they sell? Anything from jewellery, to plants, to crafts! 


*Food products would need to be approved by the health department. 


What exactly is it?

Any child from ages 5-15 who has an interest in business, can setup a booth and sell any good or service that they have!

Do you have any examples of what they can sell?

They can sell anything from homemade jewellery, paintings, garden kits, or whatever else they can think of!

Items have to be crafted/made by child. The goal is to have them sell the items as opposed to the parents.

What about used toys?

The product has to be new or created by the youth.

What about baking?

Any food product will have to be approved by the health district before hand. If you have a list of items with recipes you can always email us and we can help you through the process.

What are the hours?

You can setup anytime after 11 and we are requiring the youth to be there from 12-4.

Does an adult have to be with them?

Yes an adult or an older sibling (above 15) has to be with the youth the entire time.

How much space do they get?

The youth will get one table’s space. There will be no extension into other areas of the market.


The event is finished.


May 28 2023


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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