Nuit Blanche Regina

When & Where:

August 26, 2023

Victoria Park



Come out to enjoy a celebration of art, music, and creativity! This quirky event takes over the streets of Regina, transforming the city into a playground of artistic expression. From interactive installations and mind-bending light shows to pop-up performances and unexpected surprises around every corner, Nuit Blanche Regina is a celebration of creativity and imagination.  And as the night goes on and the crowds grow, the energy in the air becomes electric, creating an unforgettable atmosphere that you won’t want to miss. So come out and let your inner artist run wild at Nuit Blanche Regina!


Tips on Event:

  • The best way to experience the festival is by walking or biking around one of Regina’s coolest neighbourhoods to fully immerse yourself in the art!
  • Do not a ticket – it’s free of charge. However, be ready to purchase food and drinks at the local food trucks!
  • Get involved by volunteering or becoming a vendor:

The event is finished.


Aug 26 2023
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