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Open Mic Night: Peace & Power

On the Pat Fiacco Plaza. Open mic for all skill levels. Share your music, poetry, spoken word, dance, or rap.

Drop-in and be part of this inspiring event, as we celebrate peace, power, and collective action. Enjoy live performances, dance, DJing, and painting by local artists Gabriel Coloma and Suke from ThinkTank, DJ Dumo, rareson, Itohan Agbator, Icecube Armani, Jah’Kota, and Jamie Reynolds.

Performances in first hour followed by open mic.

To register to be a part of Open Mic Night, email jvaughn@reginalibrary.ca

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Jamie Reynolds is an Indigenous artist and educator from Pasqua First Nation, living and working in Regina. Her work ranges from the abstract to realism, often a combination of the two, and is inspired by dreams, nature and history. She has spent the last decade teaching, creating, facilitating, working, curating, administrating, painting, building, sculpting and learning in the arts community.

Gabriel Coloma is a multimedia artist, most notably active in the psych hip/hop trio known as ‘THINKTANK’ as well as her own solo Pop project “MONK”. Adapting a creative arsenal including lyricism, production (both musical and visual), as well as songwriting, her art focuses on the journey of self-discovery and the practice of queer subsistence in our modern archetypical landscape. The task of examining the privilege to question traditional narratives while embracing fluidity can be thought of as the relative thesis that ties Coloma’s work together, highlighting the generational gaps and the colonial implications that a second generation immigrant grapples with as she comes to find who she is.

Jah’kota is an Afro-Indigenous artist, entrepreneur, and wealth coach. His father is from Kingston, Jamaica and his mother is Nakota from Ocean Man First Nation, part of the Treaty 4 boundary. He was born and raised in Winnipeg and now lives full time in the Očeti Šagowin territory known as the Saskatchewan prairies.

Jah’kota has reached number one on the Indigenous music countdown for his song WOKE which the album was nominated for best rap hip hop album of the year for the Indigenous Music Awards. His track “Welcome to the Matriarch” was nominated for a Native American Music Award.

Justin “Jahkota” Holness uses music as a way to amplify the message of self-determination and strives to empower the welfare of people and the planet.


The above quote is something that Dumo has always been a firm believer of. Dumo does not stand around looking like he’s bored while DJing and he does not act like he is bigger than everyone else. He understands that people go out to events to have a good time and move their bodies, which is why his DJ sets are always energetic and full of life. In fact, he sometimes leaves his booth to go dance with the crowd for a minute or so, and then rushes back to the decks to continue mixing his songs.

Dumo’s musical adventures began one night in 2012 at a house party where no music was playing and people looked like they were getting bored of just playing games. Rather than let the night go to waste, he picked up his laptop, connected it to the host’s stereo and started attempting to mix songs together on a random DJ app he had discovered earlier. Even though it was a scary moment, having never done that before, he managed to make people dance and even got a few compliments. That was when he realized he wanted to do more. Since then he has played a variety of events- big and small, within and outside his city and his love for the art just keeps growing.

In 2014, Dumo got into music production. Coming from a background of DJing for a lot of student events at the University of Regina, he understood the importance of exploring multiple styles of music. Although his main style is mostly EDM-based, he is never afraid to infuse other elements into his productions, hence the tag: “music without borders”. He is currently working on a few musical projects and collaborations which he plans to release soon.

The event is finished.


Jul 16 2024


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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