Ling’s Guide to Hidden Gems In Regina

Regina is known to have great patios, pubs, taverns and bars, but with such a rich multi-cultural community, we also have some amazing restaurants you can visit throughout the year that will awaken your senses as soon as you walk through the door. You can pass by amazing small business without realizing they are there. Here are a few places you may wondered about that are certified gems.

Greg Reid’s Favourite Eats

Hi, I'm Greg. The Butcher and Chef at Lakeview Fine Foods in Regina. Our little Prairie City is becoming more and more dynamic in our food scene. Taking influence from travel, experience and social we are able to channel a new and lively way to eat. Gone are the ways of old school, unless old school is cool again!

Ice Cream Heaven

One scoop or two? Waffle cone or dish? Stick with your usual Vanilla or go wild with Nutty Hot Fudge Parfait? These are the important questions that must be asked and will be answered (with a minimum of brain-freeze). Thankfully, ice cream is an all-year-round experience in Regina.

Regina Donuts

Donuts aren’t a craze – they’re forever. That’s why they’re a perfect circle – the love for them will never end. There might not be a city on earth that loves donuts more than Regina. If you think you know your way around a donut, think again - you haven’t tasted the truly unbelievable creations our world-class donut artisans roll out. Until now.

“Regina Famous” Food

This guide contains all of the must-try food when visiting Regina. The secret spots and menu items that only the locals know... enjoy!

Local Coffee? Have You Bean?

Searching for that perfect cup of joe? We've got you covered. Check out this guide to Regina's rich and bold coffee scene and grab your next cup somewhere a little more local and a whole lot smoother.

Bussin’ Breweries

Thanks to our friends at Rebellion Brewing, here is a very simple guide to hitting up several craft breweries in Regina. Take the opportunity to walk to each brewery – or if time isn’t on your side be sure to have a designated driver lined up ahead of time. Support these local breweries and try the Regina Hop Circuit!

Family Eats and Treats

To treat or not to treat? There is no question. Wherever you explore in Regina, there are always new fun and flavour packed foods to try. Go ahead and treat the family. You can walk off any overindulgence with a wander around town, looking for your next tasty surprise.

Top 10 Burgers in Regina

There is nothing that brings warmth to your soul and a smile to your face like a good burger. Being in the heart of the prairies, you had better believe that we know what makes the best of the best that you tell your friends about and crave…