Top 10 Burgers in Regina


There is nothing that brings warmth to your soul and a smile to your face like a good burger. Being in the heart of the prairies, you had better believe that we know what makes the best of the best that you tell your friends about and crave it on the daily. Needless to say, Regina has more than its fair share of excellent burgers. While it’s hard to pick favorites, here are some of the local Regina spots that are a fan favourite when looking for the perfect burger.

1.Pile O Bones / Oxpecker – O.P. Burger

The O.P Burger has speckle park beef, onion jam, American cheese, tomato aioli, butter leaf, pickled tomatillo all piled onto a potato roll. Dig into that with a pint from POB and you have a match made in heaven! (19+ after 7pm)


2. Bushwakker Brewpub Black & Bleu Burger   

Rubbed with Cajun blackening spice and topped with fried onions, bleu cheese sauce, lettuce and tomato, then perfectly paired with crispy hand cut fries. Come hungry. (19+)

3. Birmingham’s Vodka & Ale House – Skirt Burger

A beef patty topped with a  mound of shredded cheese, then they steam the burger forming a crispy outer cheese skirt, than add a bacon weave to top it off. Burgers also feature Birmingham’s in house vodka burger sauce.


4. Victoria’s Tavern – The Big Dill

There are some things that are truly Saskatchewan, dill-everything is one of those icons. two 3.5 oz smash patties with dill cheese curds, dill chips, pickles, lettuce and dill pickle sauce on a white bun. Dill-icious!


5. The Lancaster – Bacon Jam Burger      

The Signature! Grass fed 1/3 lb. Flame Grilled burger with our sweet, smoky, and salty house made bacon jam, mayonnaise, greens, Roma tomato, onion and aged white cheddar. To top it off, Lancaster is absolutely obsessed with Grass Fed beef and sustainable farming. Grass fed beef in short is better for you, better for the planet, and just more delicious.


6. Avenue        

There is something about truffle aioli that makes everything better. A beef patty, aged cheddar, red onion, truffle aioli, and paired with kennebec fries. Pro tip: pair this with a pint of Rebellion Lentil beer

7. Hop & Vine – Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese Burger

Served on a toasted brioche bun, 7 oz Beef patty, Applewood pecan smoked pulled pork, macaroni & cheese. This is a great burger for sharing, paired with the beet caprese is a match made in heaven.


8. The Bannock House – Bannock Burger 

Frybread is made, raised and fried fresh on board all day long, and your choice of bison, elk, beef, or sockeye salmon.  The Bannock House Trailer will be popping up from April to October.


9. Fresh Carnival – Poutine Burger

For those going for the true Canadian experience, Poutine Burger +   Dill Pickle Poutine.


10. Knotted Thistle – Black Bean burger 

Located in the Atlas Hotel, the Knotted Thistle Pub is a local favorite to pair classic pub food with a ‘Full Yard’ of beer. The perfect place for post game celebrations!

Honorable mention: We cannot talk about hand-held goodness without mentioning Beaks Chicken. The buttermilk fried chicken partnered with honey habanero mayo, cheddar, pickled red onions and lettuce is a masterpiece. Feeling extra hungry? go for the chicken & waffles, you will not be disappointed.