Thursday Lates: Queer City Cinema, Performatorium of Queer Performance

September 16, 2021 - 7:30 pm – 11:30 pm

3475 Albert St, Regina, SK S4S 6X6

Join the MacKenzie Art Gallery and Queer City Cinema on 16 September at 7:30 PM CST for Thursday Lates: Performatorium of Queer Performance, featuring a screening of the documentary “I’m Gonna Play Loud: Girls Rock Regina and the Ripple Effect”, and followed by performances from Girls Rock Regina and Sunset Embassy, and intimate karaoke live in Craft Service Café with Dayna McLeod.

Girls Rock Regina and the Ripple Effect
Charity Marsh, 2020, 30:40 min

Research on Girls Rock camps often focuses on how youth are empowered. For this documentary, the lens turns toward the adult artists, organizers, mentors, and campers of Girls Rock Regina, highlighting how their participation builds confidence, fosters friendships, and sparks joy. I’m Gonna Play Loud reveals some of the many challenges that women and non-binary musicians face and how their experiences with GRR have inspired them to make change within Regina’s local music scenes.

Girls Rock Regina (GRR) is dedicated to amplifying and empowering the voices of girls, women, trans, Two-Spirit and gender-expansive youth and adults through music creation, collaboration and performance.

Immediately following the screening of I’m Gonna Play Loud: Girls Rock Regina and the Ripple Effect, one of the bands from the film will perform live.

Sunset Embassy (formerly Abrupt Dystopia)
Urban prairie rock jams. 80s/ 90s sounds, today’s feelings. Music to dodge potholes to. Formed as Abrupt Dystopia at Girls Rock Regina GRRown-Up Camp in 2018, Sunset Embassy is comprised of Jori Cachene, Collette Parks, Shayna Stock, Sophie Littlechief-Cartieri, and Charity Marsh.

Intimate Karaoke, Live at Uterine Concert Hall – Dayna Mcleod

This performance work features my body as the venue.

Intimacy as a method of connecting with an audience is central to my performance practice. Uterine Concert Hall features my uterus as the scene of the performance and the instrument of its production. Equipped with an internal speaker, my vaginal canal acts as the stage for the audience of my uterus. External concertgoers are invited to eavesdrop via stethoscope, on the faint echoes of the recital through the very flesh of my body. Like showing up to a concert and listening from outside the venue, this piece purposefully excludes external listeners while engaging with feminist performance practices of intimacy.

The latest form that Uterine Concert Hall uses intimate karaoke, where the audience is asked to sing a karaoke song for my uterus. Here, the karaoke singer wears headphones in which they can hear the musical track that they’ve picked as well as their vocal track. The catch is that everyone else in the room only hears the singer’s voice. Audience members are called upon to demonstrate their vulnerability while I am literally splayed out on a table offering myself for aural examination.

Craft Services Café

Join us after Dayna’s performance for a drink and a bite to celebrate the pleasure of gathering and engaging once more. Craft Services Café will be open all evening during the event for guests to enjoy.

Content Notice: This the event may discuss themes around homophobia, sexism, and transphobia. 

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