As a recent first time visitor to Regina where I spent a good chunk of time wandering its streets, I came across the Cathedral neighbourhood. Here, I found so many gems that would definitely put this area first on my list to visit next time I’m in the city.

So if you are headed into Regina, here’s why I feel the neighbourhood is mega-worthy of a visit. 



Cathedral Village covers an area of over 200 hectares but the heart and soul of one of Regina’s original neigbourhoods is 13th Avenue, and the dozens of businesses that line this street.

Do like me and start at 33 1/3 Coffee Roasters to grab a java and then just start walking the streets.

Within easy walking distance of each other you will find an array of boutique shops that cover everything from art to fashion and even a maternity/baby store.

Some of my favourites shops included:

•        Pottery shopping at Traditions Hand Craft Gallery

•        Baby gift shopping at Groovy Mama

•        Gourmet snacks and CHEESE shopping at Takeaway Gourmet (ask for a sample or two)

•        Canadian designed fashion with an eye for sustainability at Seed Style

•        Ice cream and vintage sweets at Dessart Sweets Ice Cream & Candy Store 

Shopping and spending money on clothes, sweets and the perfect gifts for friends and family back home really work up my appetite, which brings me to the 2nd reason I love Cathedral Village



There are a lot of great restaurants to eat in or dine out. And, I’m pretty certain that if I lived nearby I may never cook at home. There are so many great choices!

Along with 33 1/3 Coffee Roasters, there is also 13th Avenue Food and Coffee House. Be sure to check out the wicked outdoor patio as it’s the ideal spot to enjoy the summer weather.

Shannon’s Pub & Grill offers a welcoming and hearty Irish pub experience. The Irish are known for their hospitality, and so is Shannon’s.

Sinfully Sweet Cathedral Bakery is located next door to Shannon’s Pub & Grill, and though you may not be able to eat in, walking while devouring a cupcake or two is totally doable as you continue your stroll through Cathedral Village.

Last but not least there is The Creek in Cathedral Bistro. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, you have to eat at The Creek. I slipped in for lunch with a friend and was so impressed with the food that it ranks first on my list to return to when I am next in Regina. The Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese is absolutely to die for – it’s a knife and fork kinda sandwich.



Now a mural by itself wouldn’t make me love a neighbourhood but the amazing murals scattered around 13th Avenue truly create an amazing vibe and energy. To me, it says the community values art and uniqueness, while marketing at the same time for the business that occupies the building.

Here are some that caught my eye.

Now don’t you want to hop on over to Cathedral Village and check it out for yourself? I bet you’ll discover a few gems I may have missed.


Marc Smith is a travel writer and publisher of the blog Marc loves sharing his passion for travel and uncovering the awesome in each and every place he visits. Give him 5 minutes and he will show you something to love about where you are, especially if the coffee and craft beer scene is active. Follow along on his Instagram account for his real time adventures. Be warned there are a lot of yummy food pics in the feed.