Regina Downtown

Downtown is the heart of our fair city. From grabbing a drink with friends to buying a custom made suit,– there’s literally something for everyone in Regina’s downtown.

Not everyone might know this but as sure as the sun shines, Regina has a fashion designer in its midst that once turned heads in Los Angeles, dressing Bette Midler, Kiefer Sutherland, Guns N’ Roses and the Eurythmics. Dean Renwick came home to Regina, and opened his studio which is on the corner of 12th and Rose and now designs  “sexy, sophisticated styles for the stage, screen and women of all ages, giving of his time and talent to causes he cares about and mentoring the next generation of creative couturiers.”

When grabbing a bite there’s nothing more Saskatchewan than anything covered in Dill. That’s why the The Big Dill Burger at Vics Tavern is Downtown’s most mouthwatering creation. Let us give you the highlight reel - 7oz chuck patty, dill cheese curds, dill chips, dill pickles, lettuce, dill pickle sauce. Top that off with some Dill Pickle Dry Ribs and a Rebellion Lentil Brew, there may never have been a meal more Saskatchewan.

Now that your decked in new threads, you’ve got a full stomach it’s time to take a stroll through classic Victoria Park and all its beauty. During the day its packed with parents pushing toddlers on the swings, businessmen and women on lunch breaks filling their step counters and locals taking their pups for a quick jog.

From a socially-distanced meal, to pushing your toddler on the swings, to shopping, there’s much to love  about downtown.

Warehouse District

The Warehouse District is Regina’s newest hot spot.  And there’s good reason for that. New businesses pop up almost daily as entrepreneurs flock to trendy brick buildings, a variety of lunchtime workout options and tasty coffee time treats.

One of those tasty gems is Our Spot Coffee Shop for eats, coffee, sandwiches, cinnamon buns, and yes, even the internet sensation, fresh loaves of sourdough bread. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past 6 months, sourdough bread is sensational.

To top off your meal Local and Fresh is right across the street. Serving up meats, pizzas, fresh vegetables, candles, natural deodorants, Flat clothing hoodies. Uh yeah, all that stuff goes together. It’s all locally made and sourced by the owner, Tim.

Cathedral Village

Like a fine wine, The Cathedral neighbourhood just keeps getting better with age. After all these years the Cathedral Village Arts Festival is still one of Regina’s biggest festivals attracting 40,000 plus to its multi-day event which features food vendors, bands, beer gardens, face painting and much more. We definitely can’t wait for it to return sometime in the future.

During the festivities, local shops see a huge influx of shoppers come through their doors. Shops like Dessart Sweets is an ice cream and candy store that specializes in “retro-candy”. Remember those hamburger-shaped gummy candies you used to take mini hamburger bites of as a kid? How bout those infamous vanilla cokes? If you can conjure it, they probably carry it. Also, don’t forget to stop in for a free ice cream cone on your birthday!

Now that you’ve had your sugar fix, it’s time to get your art on. With the Paper Umbrella and Gales Florists within view you can craft up a storm. If you’re anything like me during quarantine you’ve not only learned to bake, but you’ve decided that with all your extra free time you could scrapbook, macramé, home design and decorate your way out of any crisis. Lucky for you, 13th Avenue has all your bases covered.

Regina definitely has tons more to offer but we hope this gets your started!

See you there!