Summer in the city has never been hotter. Literally. We Regina folk certainly cannot complain that we the weather didn’t cooperate this year. In addition to the balmy summer heat we’ve all experienced, there was a noticeable theme that arose from the community when rummaging through images featuring the #seeyqr tag: our expanding city’s vibrancy is shining brighter than ever. Now there are noticeable omissions from the images below. No summer is complete without a visit to iconic Milky Way (or any of these other ice cream hot spots). Summer drinks on a Scarth Street patio is also a no-brainer. And, don’t forget visits to Regina’s awesome food trucks and attractions. There wasn’t an intention to leave anything out, I promise. Especially some of the aforementioned highly deserving summer-y stops! Truth be told, I plucked what caught my biased eye first, so my apologies in advance for missing other amazing images of summer in our city. What you will notice however from these 30 images (I could have easily selected a 100!), is there a lot of people who have a knack for capturing the city’s growth and beauty. I mean it. The pictures that are shared time and time again with us are phenomenal, so please keep them coming.

The gem of the city is and will always be Wascana Park

It never gets old. Wascana Park makes the perfect backdrop for summer images. Whether you are finding a new way to venture around the park be it via Dragon boat racing, Segway or SUP, beauty is easily found around every corner. Here are a few great captures of the park, the Legislative Building and more. @matthewgbailey                                                     @mathewlix      @cruisinchristine                                                       @mathewlix                                        


@ohg0lden                                                              @s.vanvliet      @queen_city_sup                                                  @misskilometer

Energy is everywhere

There is a dynamic energy which can be found in these images featuring our people, festivals, and attractions. From Saskatchewan Roughrider Games to the Regina Folk Festival, the Queen City Ex to the Regina Farmers' Market, these images paint a vibrant scene.     @carlyros                                                              @chryssoula_filippakopoulos     @reginafarmersmarket                                         @reginafolkfest      @johanyjutras                                                           @jackrabbit306      @jackrabbit306                                                    @madisonosterhout @kkbyrns

The light tho.

Whether it’s a sunrise, a sunset or a storm on the horizon, this handful expertly captures amazing light during a variety of times and in a variety of ways.        @mmguri                                                                @darcyconn      @blo0butterfly                                                       @kkbyrns      @kkbyrns                                                                   @jill.laycock

You don’t have to go far to capture lovely landscapes

You most definitely don’t have to leave town to find picture worthy subjects, however, one of my favourite things is being able to hit a grid road, a hiking trail or capture wildlife with only a short jaunt to the outskirts of the city.      @jennsmithnelson                                                @vverminski     @karynmulcahy                                                        @nicolewchen @rhondasentes There are so many ways to #SeeYQR and we are so happy to showcase your IG images. Thanks to everyone who continues to tag us and share your incredible captures of our city!