Without a doubt one of Regina’s most beautiful landmarks is Wascana Park. With kilometres of winding pathways and access to the Trans Canada trails, it’s the perfect place to stretch one’s legs via cycling, rollerblading or during a morning run, mid-day jog or evening walk. And, let’s not forget a sweet spot for those yearning to hit the water! Great attractions, restaurants and more are also within walking distance from this gem centered in the heart of the city. Offering beautiful views from multiple vantage points spread out over 2300 acres, it's no wonder really that locals are continuously capturing images of the park throughout the seasons. I wanted to share some of the remarkable summer images that you, the public, have so graciously shared with us by tagging #SeeYQR. Let me tell you – selecting images was near impossible – there are SO many incredible shots of the park. And by all means, I want to encourage those who are on Instagram to follow some of these incredibly talented photographers who are obviously full of pride for our city. Simply click on the image or search their “@” handle on Instagram to follow. Also, be sure you are following @tourism_regina, and if you aren’t already, tag your images with #SeeYQR for the chance to be featured. Join in on the fun by following @InstagramYQR. Regina’s first Instameet will be taking place on Thursday, August 27 and everyone is invited! What’s an Instameet? Learn more here. The route for the event will start at Wascana Place and finish in downtown Regina. For full event details, read more here.

Wascana Lake – the water

This 'man-made lake' was originally created in 1883 and has since had a few reincarnations. Used recreationally for sailing, canoeing and even swimming during the early part of the 20th century, the lake was drained and deepened in the 1930s and again during the Big Dig over 2003-2004. The lake includes a few islands: Willow, Spruce, Pine, Goose, and Tern Islands.

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The "Leg"

OK, so maybe it’s hard to get a good look at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building these days as for the most part it’s been hidden under wrap. But thankfully we have a few shots from before renovations to the exterior, that showcase its beauty and stature (Pssst, it's also not too shabby inside … go for a tour if you’ve never been – they happen daily!)

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Definitely my favourite time of day (along with a few other hundred Reginans’) to head out to the lake for a walk or hit the trails for an evening bike ride is during sunset. Nothing beats ending the day gazing up at our living skies, while taking in the reflection of trees and clouds on the lake. If you are lucky, the slight breeze of the lake while cool you down as you meander along the trails.

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Park Residents

Love ‘em or leave ‘em the most well-known of the park’s residents is definitely the Canadian Goose, but they are far from the only species to breed in the park or call it home in the summer. Wascana Park hosts a great variety of bird species from shore birds to warblers. Also, of special note is Olga (NOT a bird), the Western Painted Turtle who was just recently measured as the longest, and likely oldest turtle species found in the park at 26.6 cm long!

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The lake has played home to several sporting events over the years and today is used recreationally year-round on a daily basis. It’s common to see people kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding, dragon boat racing and even kite surfing on the lake! Talk about an urban oasis in the city. Who says you have to leave town to get on the water?

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Now the park boasts a lot of great artwork and this is merely a small selection of what you can see along the way. Featured below is artist Joe Fafard’s Le Jardin de L’Esprit, one of the newest sculptures; The “Bitter Memories of Childhood” monument which memorializes the Holodomor; and lastly, a sculpture of Sir Walter Scott, the first premier of Saskatchewan.

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People in the park

I’d wager a guess that the park is one of the top three spots people are photographed (and probably married) in the city. I mean can you get a prettier backdrop? People are always in the park whether it be thirty above or thirty below – it’s a given.

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Canada Day

Likely one of, if not the busiest day of the year at the park is Canada Day. There’s no better place, in my opinion, to celebrate pride for our wonderful country than with thousands of others sporting red and white. Getting there early and picking out a spot for the fireworks is somewhat of a yearly tradition for many Regina residents.

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Most photogenic spots

Now this too was a hard selection as the park has so many spots that are photogenic. I KNOW (trust me) that there are more than three spots to take great images. In fact, I dare you instead to try and take a bad shot. Anyhow, with its bridges, fountains and reflective beauty, taking a nice shot in the park is easy to do.

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Cool and creative captures

I love the mood images can create that make me see a place differently. Perspective, reflection and weather caught my eye here as I selected a few images that stood out.

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Kudos to all of you who continue to post images of Wascana Park and of our of beautiful city! Thank you for sharing. I along with everyone at Tourism Regina look forward to seeing how you #SeeYQR. Learn more about Wascana Park here.