Too often we associate winter with one thing: the cold. However, this year much like the last, has been short bursts of cold and unusually mild and spring like conditions. Basically, the same schizophrenic, unpredictable weather our province and our people are accustomed. One thing I’ve noticed growing stronger though is our ability to embrace and celebrate each of the seasons. This has never been more evident. How do I know? Well for one, there is an abundance of images that folks from the community (and beyond) continually tag #SeeYQR (thank you!!). And, the images are far from limited to the warmer seasons. In fact while taking a look at specific winter images, it became very clear that those living in this ‘winter city’ have found many ways to capture its absolute beauty and joy. So I’ve gathered a large handful of loosely categorized images showcasing the beautiful side of winter in Regina. Kudos to all the photographers who take pride in shooting and sharing your wonderful images with us!

Winter sport

There was no shortage of images demonstrating that being fit in the winter can also be fun! One of the city’s most beloved (not to mention popular) spots to enjoy winter activities such as ice skating and hockey, can be found in the heart of downtown Regina at Victoria Park’s winter rink. Lots of flat land and snow also make cross country skiing a favourite winter sport among Reginans.         Courtesy of @cutting.p                             Courtesy of @McKinno       Courtesy of @reginadowntownbid                Courtesy of @taroncochrane  

Dreamy pink sunsets

It was clear through scrolling the #SeeYQR feed that this winter has provided many opportunities for photogs to capture incredible winter skies. The warm pinks and purples so beautiful and serene are often commonplace here during the cold season.                            Courtesy of @jennsmithnelson              Courtesy of @rhondasentes       Courtesy of @sara.without_h                        Courtesy of @tannergerransphotography   

Sunsets on the city’s edge

In contrast to the warm pink hues and maybe a tad less dramatic, are the cool tones of blue and yellow skies. There’s no denying however that these types of sunsets also make for beautiful images. Easy access to the town’s edge or just outside lovely Wascana Park are hotspots for capturing pics that celebrate the quick access to close by rural landscapes.       Courtesy of @explorerolmos                          Courtesy of @jennsmithnelson        Courtesy of @ulysses83                                      Courtesy of @yqr65 Courtesy of @yqr65

Winter whites

Let’s turn up the brightness level a bit: to white! There’s days when it’s so white out you may think you are going snow blind. Then there are days where the more neutralized, warm winter whites highlight almost anything that is, well, not white. Whether it is the contrast of a tree or train against the light palette, it makes for striking imagery.       Courtesy of @explorerolmos                       Courtesy of @flyingmachines_       Courtesy of               Courtesy of @ulysses83  


There’s something so beautiful about the simplicity of winter trees. These six images capture feelings of warmth, quiet, solace and more.       Courtesy of @cutting.p                                  Courtesy of @hotelsk       Courtesy of @rhondasentes             Courtesy of @thisgirlwhowandersislost       Courtesy of @tysonliske                     Courtesy of @tysonliske  

Winter flocks

Regina is so fortunate to have such interesting and hearty birds that call the prairies winter home over winter. From the prairie chickens that hide under our bushes to the owls that sit atop the lampposts and camouflage themselves in the trees, it’s wonderful to catch a glimpse of our feathered friends.       Courtesy of @darcyconn                    Courtesy of @darcyconn       Courtesy of @explorerolmos              Courtesy of @jennsmithnelson       Courtesy of @mmguri                                      Courtesy of @simplicityisme_ashleydr    Night tracks One photographer in particular made a habit this year of capturing the exquisiteness of night tracks (I’m looking at you @flyingmachines_) however, he was far from the only one ventured out in the night. And I for one am so glad they did.       Courtesy of @flyingmachines_  Courtesy of @flyingmachines_       Courtesy of @mathewlix                                         Courtesy of @flyingmachines_


Night bright

Capturing the light of night was another category all you Instagrammers excelled in as well! These stunning images really show the vibrancy of the city, even during the darkest winter hours.       Courtesy of @darcyconn                 Courtesy of @kaye.dp       Courtesy of @mmguri                     Courtesy of @northernperspectivephoto


Another side to buildings

No movement required. In this series of images, the buildings are definitely the model. Just look at the angles, the colours, the moods!       Courtesy of @mattgaries                                        Courtesy of @nicolewchen       Courtesy of @spenserasmith                                  Courtesy of @spenserasmith Courtesy of @ulysses83