Before we usher in the winter season, let’s reflect and hold onto the many beautiful shades of fall for a little bit longer. One thing is clear. Local Instagrammers are fierce about fall. Just take one look at the #SeeYQR hashtag on Instagram and you can see for yourself. Vibrant hues of golds, greens, reds and oranges filled the Tourism Regina feed for the past few months. From food to falling leaves, fiery sunsets to blood moons, you’d be hard pressed to find a more photogenic season. The season in the city The abundance of fall beauty was captured on local city streets, in puddles and sunsets and even in backyards. One of the most beautiful times of the year for streets filled with arching trees changing their leaves.
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Exploring the outskirts Locals definitely took advantage of travelling just outside the city over the past few months. Images below capture Regina’s rural surroundings from a recently harvested farmyard and scenic grid road to an abundance of shots taken in Lumsden, White Butte and Wascana Trails.
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An autumn Blood Moon A Blood Moon is sometimes used to describe a Total Lunar Eclipse. On September 28, 2015 a rare Total Lunar Eclipse of a Super Full Moon was visible. Instagrammers were out in full force capturing the phases of the moon’s changing face.
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In the parks Always worthy of being a photographers muse no matter the season, are the parks of Regina. From Les Sherman, Kiwanis to Wascana Park and more, the colours of fall made for colour rich inner-city landscapes.
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Bountiful delights The hues of harvest and Halloween are natural palettes for capturing the essence of fall from the patch to the pub- whether they are food or drink.
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A look from above Thanks to an avid drone advocate (@theloneydrone), capturing the colours of the city as they change – from above provides us with another view demonstrating how lovely the city is during the fall months.
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A look below Looking down seems to provide just at much beauty and inspiration! The gorgeous sight and sound of fallen leaves at our feet is a simple splendor. - 2 sarah.without - h @sara.without_h @gmslivingwell @gmslivingwell
Flowers and foliage No matter where you looked, the fall’s features were easy to find – some of them are still holding on as we wait for the white stuff to fall. From the details of a flower to the mix of trees leaves crossing. Pattern or abstract, fall foliage is what makes this time of year so exquisite to enjoy – and capture. Thanks to the many photographers who took the time to share their exquisite images of fall with Tourism Regina!
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