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5 Ways to Support Local Businesses During a Lockdown

With the current restrictions in our city limiting operations of many businesses, we’ve outlined some ways for you to support the businesses you…
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Everything You Need to Know - WHL Hub

Regina is host to seven teams this Spring and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome the players and coaches the city. All games will be…
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9 Regina Businesses Owned & Operated by Women

To celebrate International Women's Day, here are a few of MANY businesses in Regina founded by women. Visit one of these women owned local…
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Winter Staycations for Families in Regina

Guest Blogger: Annika Mang @borntobeadventurous Staycations are growing in popularity. Why? Stepping away from the regular routine is refreshing and…
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Regina Hotels - Going the Extra Mile to Keep You Safe

Guest blogger: The Regina Hotel Association (RHA)   As winter continues to pass by, it becomes harder to find ways to enjoy your time safely…
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Your Guide to Trying Winter in Regina

Follow this guide for a 2-day staycation in Regina, checking out a few of Regina’s best winter experiences and a few of…
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