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Love for Local Businesses

*NOTE: due to the constant changing circumstances, businesses listed here may alter their hours or close with minimal notice.…
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COVID-19 Information

Frequently Asked Questions
The health of our visitors is a top priority and we will continue to work to provide updated information as it becomes available. The City of Regina…
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Experience Winter in Regina

It’s true, Regina can get chilly in the winter. However, being a true Canadian means not being daunted by the minus degrees and windchill.…
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Your Guide to Winterruption 2020

Let’s play a game of ‘Would you rather’. Which option sounds better? Binge-watching reality TV on your couch (yet again),…
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Plenty of fun pickins’ over Banjo Bowl weekend in Winnipeg

Coming off the Labour Day weekend, Canadian football fans are preparing themselves for one of the biggest (and most fun) rivalries in the…
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Regina's Best for Back-To-School

The warm and carefree days of summer will begin to wind down soon, and we'll look forward to the crunchy leaves and consistent routines of fall.…
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