According to statistics compiled by the city of Regina currently has over 260 active artists and band creating, sharing and performing music. When you stop to think about it for a second … that’s really quite incredible. At this rate, there’s probably another band being created at this very moment while you read this blog. So where in the world do all these musicians perform? Thankfully there are several vibrant, well respected venues in Regina that are well-known among music lovers as a go-to source when they need a live music fix; each of which have their own unique and memorable qualities. To help you get to know some of them a little bit better I’d like to share with you some of these qualities along with a recommendation of an upcoming show at this venue that you just can’t miss! The Cultural Exchange [caption id="attachment_10144" align="alignnone" width="543"]mother night Mother Night performing at The Wolf 104.9FM Queen City Rocks event (Kamiki Pics Photography)[/caption] An organization grounded in values of inclusivity and openness, that delivers art programs to the people of Saskatchewan - the Cultural Exchange has become synonymous with live music in the Queen City. Sharing its space with The Club, (a more intimate in-the-round performance space and art gallery) it continues to bring in some of today’s top talent covering all genres locally and abroad. While it's the premier place to enjoy metal, punk and hardcore music, it also welcomes country, bluegrass, hip hop and spoken word with open arms. If the opportunity ever arises, see if you can visit the small green room where artists enter the stage. The bricks on the walls of this room are graffitied with the names of the countless performers and bands who have taken their stage over the years. Hands down one of the most interesting pieces of local music history I’ve seen to date! the glorious sons Show you can’t miss: The Glorious Sons with Northcote and Poor Young Things - Thursday, October 15th. McNally’s Tavern mcnallys An old world style tavern, McNally’s wood finished interior is so unique and interesting that it continues to serve as the backdrop for several movies and music videos. Proudly supporting live and local music for years - McNally’s is the perfect place to grab a cold pint and hear your new favourite band all while catching up with old friends. Show you can’t miss: Fourth Annual SEARCH fundraiser featuring Beautiful Thieves, Zuko Rocks and Port Noise - Thursday, Sept. 17th. Artful Dodger artful dodger - small Touted as a “Crazy Great Space,” the Artful Dodger Cafe and Music Emporium is a rare gem in our city. A cafe and bar, it’s also connected to a whisky and work shop boutique and a contemporary art gallery, the TAE library. The Artful Dodger performance space includes live musical performances at least three times per week, film screenings, spoken word, dance, theater plus performance art. Aptly named after the character in the Charles Dickens novel, Oliver Twist - the Artful Dodger continues to take the standard concept of a live music venue and re-create it to give it their own truly unique atmosphere. One that you probably won’t be forgetting any time soon! Show you can’t miss: Playing For Change Day - Saturday, September 19th. While these three venues definitely highlight the diversity and uniqueness of the live music environment in and around Regina, there are countless others that also help provide a stage for our rather large pool of musical talent. From the free entertainment that takes over the B-Side Records stage at O’Hanlons Pub every Friday to jazz infused evenings at The Capitol, Western music Wednesdays at Leopold’s Tavern and folk music continuously filling the air at the historic Bushwakker … when it comes to live music in Regina, there really is something for everyone!