There’s always a lot to see and do in Regina, including some cool ways to experience the city through self-guided outdoor audio and digital tours.

Several of the walking tours listed below work through free downloadable apps and geolocation. The tours are GPS triggered and each story should automatically play when nearing the destination. A live map uses GPS to show your next location and where to go. Or, consider settling in at home and listening from your computer, while scrolling through Google Maps Street View to get a digital experience of each location.

Here are a few ways to explore the Queen City and learn more about its history and culture while still social distancing.

As always, please be diligent about adhereing to the Government of Saskatchewan's social distancing guidelines and keep two metres distance from others. If one of the walking tours seems is too crowded, we suggest trying one of the virtual tours listed instead!

1. Entertaining the City: Regina Warehouse District’s Audio Walking Tour

Did you know the Warehouse District was home to a 600-seat football stadium in the early 1900s? In the 1980s, it was host to underground nightclubs and a place to take in punk rock concerts. Today, the neighbourhood is considered the soul of the city – with brewpubs, bakeries, local markets, shopping and boutique fitness studios.

This self-guided audio walking tour has seven stops in total and is available for online access or by free download on the izi.TRAVEL app


2. Wascana Park Self-Guided Walking Tours
Wascana Centre offers eight self-guided tours of Wascana Park, ranging from a focus on wildlife in the park and family-friendly stops to the history of governance in the province.

Although the park is one of the largest in North America when you combine the entirity of Wascana Centre (bigger than Stanley Park in Vancouver and Central Park in New York combined), each walk is 1 to 2 km and takes 15 to 45 minutes.

Learn more about each tour here.

There is also a Wascana Lake Audio Walking Tour with 30 points of interest available on the Tripvia Tours app. The tour is approximately 5.5 km and takes about 1.5 hours.

* Please note that the path around the lake is one-way. This is a further measure to ensure social distancing is taking place. Please follow the guidelines put out by the Government of Saskatcehawn and maintain 2 metres (6 feet) between you and others. 

3. Village Voices: Cathedral District Audio Walking Tour
In the Cathedral District, you can stroll past the home of Tommy Douglas (a visionary and politician who enacted Canada’s first version of medicare) and learn that the Treaty 4 land the neighbourhood is built on used to be a buffalo hunting range by the Plains Cree.

Local artists, businesses and residents share stories about the Cathedral District in the Village Voices audio walking tour – including a love story that began in a shoe store in the 1960s.

The self-guided walking tour has 15 stops and takes about 1.5 hours to complete. It’s available for online access or by free download on the izi.TRAVEL app.

4. Regina Cyclone Video Tour
Take a video tour (or a real-life walking tour) of the locations hit by one of Canada’s deadliest tornadoes. In 1912, the Regina Cyclone left a path of destruction throughout the city, leaving one-tenth of the population homeless. The self-guided tour was put together by the City of Regina and starts from the Hotel Saskatchewan, runs north through the downtown core and ends at Victoria Park.

Watch the video tour here or access a cyclone tour pdf map guide here to retrace the steps of the cyclone.

5. Regina Downtown - Cultural Trailway Audio Walking Tour
Regina Downtown has created an audio walking tour that begins with the Northern Bank Building on Scarth Street and ends at the Victoria Park Building. There are 20 stops along the tour that share information on the historical heart of the city.

Access the audio walking tour here.

6. Queering the Queen City Audio Walking Tour
Artist in residence Evie Ruddy shares the stories of Regina’s 2LGBTQIA+ residents in an audio walking tour around the city. The locations and stops discuss Regina’s movement to a Queer-friendly city with stories including the city’s first pride parade, a two-spirit group and the history of the city’s first gay bar.

The self-guided walking tour has seven locations and takes about 1.5 hours to complete. It’s available for online access or by free download on the izi.TRAVEL app.

7. Downtown Regina Historical Audio Walking Tour

Tripvia’s historical downtown audio walking tour focuses on historical buildings in Regina but also includes plaques, statues and art that define the Queen City. The audio tour begins at City Hall and makes its way through to the Old No. 1 Fire Hall and the Municipal Justice Building. There’s also a trivia game at each point of interest.

The audio walking tour has 30 points of interest over 4.5 km and takes about 1.5 hours to complete.

Download the app to access the tour here.

8. City of Regina Heritage Walking Tours

There are eight historical districts in Regina, which are home to more than 300 properties with architectural or historical significance. The City of Regina has put together a self-guided walking tour for each of these eight districts. Take a new tour each day and plan for one to two hours per tour.

Download the pdf book file here.

To find out more details on the tours, check out Tourism Regina’s comprehensive listing here.