Regina has some stellar bakeries. Whether you’re looking for sweet or savoury, dense or flakey, crisp or ooey gooey, there’s something out there for you. For this feature, I want to go a bit off the beaten path and share with you some truly unique bakeries.


Queen City Cakes

105 – 1275 Broad Street

Located in the heart of Regina’s Warehouse District, Queen City Cakes has been operating for just four months, “but it’s been a great four months!” says owner Jared Bugyi. In that time, he says they have become known for custom cakes, confections and making people smile.

The most sought-after items change on a regular basis. Some weeks, the sandwich cookies capture the sweet tooths of clients; others, cake truffles in exotic flavours such as The Magic Unicorn and macarons with unexpected rose and rhubarb essence enamour customers.

“Everything is really vibrant with a lot of flavour and a heavy emphasis on texture. It’s a fun, modern, whimsical twist on homey classics like cookies, French pastries like macarons and outstandingly delicious cakes,” Bugyi says.

In addition to their usual fare, Queen City Cakes has started offering baking classes. Its first, a class for children and their parents involving pie-making with Snow White, was a success, with 80 participants over two sessions. Bugyi has plans to offer classes where adults can attempt to re-create one of his specialty cakes, while enjoying a glass or two of wine.


Kneaded Bake Shop

100 – 3725 Pasqua Street

As someone living with Celiac Disease, Sarah Clemens had a difficult time finding baking locally that was gluten-free and free of additives, yet tasted delish. “I wanted to be able to still enjoy baking and not have to worry that I was eating fillers and poor-quality ingredients. I recognized the need (knead) in Saskatchewan for fresh, high-quality, gluten-free products.” She started Kneaded Bake Shop in 2012, a 100% dedicated gluten-free facility that also has a large selection of dairy-free and vegan options. “We make everything from scratch and source local ingredients whenever we can. We use a whole lotta Saskatoon berries!”

Best sellers are artisan breads and buns, Nanaimo bars, cinnamon buns and donuts. “A very popular item is also our proprietary flour blend that we sell, so customers can also bake for themselves at home. We have a blog with recipes and guidance to help get them baking gluten-free,” she says. You can find the blog at

New and fun selections are added weekly, such as corn dogs, pot pies and moonpies, not to mention seasonal family favourites like pumpkin pie. “We do not feel that people with food restrictions should ever feel restricted in variety and selection!”


Saltine Baking Company

3904a Gordon Road

Saltine Baking Company has been a mainstay at Regina Farmers Market for four-and-a-half years now. Fans will be happy to hear that they finally opened a storefront in south Regina, three short weeks ago. “We decided to make the jump solely based on the demand we have been trying to keep up with over the past year,” says owner Ashley Schmalenberg.

Since the store opened, bread and other baked goods have been flying off the shelves, often selling out before the end of the day. If you want some delightful sourdough loaves, ciabatta, croissants and scones, be sure to come early.

Their baking style is unique, as they focus on producing naturally leavened sourdough breads and savoury pastries, no sweets. They also support local producers by using organic local flours and many other local products, such as eggs, honey and produce, whenever possible. All products are mixed by hand in small batches, and breads take 24-36 hours to make, start to finish. 

The store is currently open Thursday through Saturday to manage the workload that comes with the high demand. “We are working on the growth of our production and team, but it is very important for us to do so without sacrificing the quality of our product. We appreciate the overwhelming support of our community and are doing our very best to keep up and ensure everyone gets their bread!” says Schmalenberg.