As a mother of an energetic 4 year old boy, I’m often out on adventures searching for dinosaurs, trying to knock over aliens at the arcade and seeing how high I can soar on the swing set. With so many fun activities for kids in Regina, we never know where our adventures will take us! We try to visit something new each month but we do have a few favourites that are hard to beat. Fairchild Park - Harbour Landing (also known as The Dinosaur Park): My son wouldn’t go anywhere near this park last year...I suspect it was the dinosaur teeth he could see from the street. He quickly got over his fear and now we have a hard time getting him to leave the park. At this park you can climb dinosaur fossils, play the ultimate game of Hide & Seek in the oversized rocks or dig for dinosaur fossils in the sandpit. With a picnic area, basketball nets, swings and more, it’s a great place to spend an afternoon with your family. dinosaur-park Royal Saskatchewan Museum: Every time we drive near the museum my son insists we stop to visit Megamunch. With his big dinosaur teeth and loud roars, my son won’t get too close during his visit but he will borrow a pair of binoculars to watch Megamunch from the hallway. Even when Megamunch had a case of laryngitis, my son wouldn’t get too close. I guess you can never be too safe when it comes to dinosaurs! megamunch Chuck E Cheese: I’m pretty sure we’ve been to Chuck E Cheese enough times to get our own table permanently reserved. We love it there for so many reasons: my picky eater loves their pizza, the staff is friendly, it’s always clean, we love playing games and we enjoy Chuck E’s dance moves! Like I said, we’ve been there a lot and the staff has always made that extra effort to ensure we enjoy our visit each and every time. A-Mazing Adventures: Even if you aren’t registered for gymnastics classes, you can still visit their ultimate indoor play structure for a small entrance fee. This place is so fun for kids! With a huge climbing structure, slides, bridges, and more, you may have a hard time getting the kids to go home! We usually visit during slower times (weekday mornings) as it can get quite busy when gymnastic classes are going on in the gym. amazing-adventures Candy Cane Park: I have many great memories of visiting Candy Cane Park when I was a kid! The park looks different now but it’s still just as fun. With picnic areas, plenty of play structures and a large grass area, it’s the perfect place for a picnic. Where else in the city can you find a slide shape like a goose?! candy-cane-park-1 candy-cane-park-4 candy-cane-park-3 candy-cane-park-2 Waterfowl Park Display Ponds: Speaking of geese, you’ll find them and more in the Waterfowl Display Pond just past Connexus Arts Centre. This is an area for injured and captive waterfowl including geese, ducks, pelicans and swans. It’s a great place to see the birds up close and it’s a peaceful little area to take your family for a walk. waterfowl-park-2 waterfowl-park-1 Dino Bouncers: Need a place to burn off some energy? Then you’ll want to head to Dino Bouncers! With a jumping area for toddlers, large bounce castles and huge inflatable slides, your kids will leave there ready for a nap. Make sure you bring socks for your visit (both for kids and adults). dino-bouncers-2 dino-bouncers-1 dinosaur-park Phantom "Glow in the Dark" Bowling (Golden Mile Bowling Lanes): When you take kids to the Golden Mile Bowling Lanes, the staff can put up bumper pads to prevent gutter balls. I know it sure helps my game! With a cool glowing atmosphere, large television screens and fun music, it’s a great place for an afternoon of family fun or a special celebration. Learning Studio in the MacKenzie Art Gallery: If you have a little artist at home, you’ll love the Learning Studio! They have easels, paper, paints, crayons and more so that your little artists can create their own masterpieces to take home. Sandra Schmirler Leisure Centre Pool: There are many different areas in this pool for all ages to enjoy. They have a couple of slides, fountains, and plenty of pool toys for kids to play with. If you’re planning a special event, check out their fun party room! sunrise-splash-pad Where are your favourite places to take your kids in Regina?