The nice thing about Regina is that there always seems to be new places to eat springing up. We decided to check out some newer restaurants in the city to give you a taste of what they have to offer. Chachalacas Mexican Cuisine (3283 East Quance Street) Chachalacas started out as an authentic Mexican restaurant in Regina Beach in 2016. This year, it expanded to Regina. The menu spans various regions of Mexico and everything is cooked to order. A nice touch that reflects its authenticity is the complimentary baskets of tortilla chips and salsa that are brought to every table. Spanish music pumps from the kitchen, and it’s clear the people working there are having a fun time. As well, some of the profits from the business go to charity work in Mexico. Definitely, try out the fish tacos and don’t forget to order a side of guacamole – it’s amazing.


photo courtesy Chachalacas Mexican Cuisine Facebook page

Dosa and Curry Garden (2143 Albert Street) Dosa and Curry Garden took over the space left by Bombay, another Indian restaurant. Dosa and Curry Garden is unique in that it is an authentic south Indian restaurant, while many other Indian restaurants in Regina focus on northern cuisine. Dishes from the southern part of India include idli, dosa and sambhar. One of their most popular items is in the restaurant’s name: dosa. According to the menu, dosa is “a delicate rice and lentil crepe prepared from a fermented batter.” You can get it plain or filled with a variety of stuffings, such as potato masala, mixed vegetables, cheese, chicken tikka and more. When the dosa comes out, on a metal cafeteria-style tray with three dipping sauces, it appears so large that you can’t imagine eating it all. Yet, somehow, you make it through the entire tasty dish. There is also typical fare on the menu, such as samosas, pakora, butter chicken and tandoori. Something unexpected is the IndoChinese menu: Indian versions of Chinese food. We’re looking forward to going back to try those out. Be sure to follow your meal with a cup or two of yummy masala chai.

Dosa and Curry House photo by Aidan Morgan

Hachi Sushi (2135 Albert Street) Hachi Sushi, located next to Dosa and Curry Garden, took over a previous sushi restaurant, Sake. Hachi Sushi switched things up inside, however, by adding a conveyor belt that runs through the centre of the restaurant. Small plates of sushi make their way past your table, allowing you to choose the ones that look the most interesting. You can’t help but feel a little adventurous – the format lends itself to trying new things. The restaurant takes some of the guesswork out by placing signs next to each plate, letting you know what you’re picking. Pricing is by the colour of the plate (from $1.68 to $5.68) – the server adds up your bill according to the stack you’ve left behind. The restaurant also has a menu you can order from, using the iPads on each table, with a nice selection of Japanese food and dim sum. While the portions on the conveyor belt are small, the portion sizes on the menu are quite large, so keep that in mind while ordering. This is my favourite place for a quick lunch – just grab, eat and go.     Roots Kitchen & Bar (4000 James Hill Road) Roots Kitchen & Bar is located inside Orange Tree Village, an intergenerational apartment building in Harbour Landing. The diverse menu includes pizza, pasta, salads, burgers, and fajitas. It also has extensive gluten-free options. The restaurant has become known for its Mexican food, offering up special Mexican weekends once each month. The Mexico Magico events offer a set menu for $45 and feature a mariachi band. The menu for the night we went was chicken soup, a main course choice of either a tamal stuffed with chicken or a pork shank confit, and a Kahlua flan for dessert. There were also fresh-squeezed lime margaritas available. Sublime.

Roots Kitchen & Bar photo by Chad Mario

What are your favourite new restaurants in Regina?