The distillery and craft beer scene in Saskatchewan and Regina have never been more creative or tasty.

Located in Canada’s breadbasket, master distillers have been able to harness local flavours at a grassroots level, adding a unique flair to create clever spins on standard spirits.

Regina is home to several of these distilleries, most which offer on-site tours. Here are a few local distilleries to check out and try!

Last Mountain Distillery - Lumsden, SK.
Last Mountain Distillery

Last Mountain Distillery is the first micro-distillery in the province. Colin and Meredith Schmidt began their journey nearly a decade ago in 2010 just outside of Regina near Lumsden. Last Mountain is well known for their dill pickle vodka (perfect for a summertime caesar) and their organic cherry whisky. Along with their vodka, whisky, rum, gin and coolers, they’ve got a little something for everyone, including a Pumpkin Spice Cream liqueur for the autumn season.

You can book a 45-minute tour on Saturdays here. They cost $15 per person. While you’re on-site, make sure to pick up one of their iconic elevator-shaped bottles which are perfect gifts.

Sperling Silver Distillery – Regina, SK.
Sperling Silver Distillery

There’s a bit of prohibition history dating back 85 years behind Sperling Silver Distillery. Peter Paul Sperling loaded up railcars hidden under a slaughterhouse and shipped whiskey off to Chicago in the 1930s. Today, descendent Adam Sperling runs an above-board distillery that resulted from the slow food philosophy of good, clean and fair food. Most notable is their Ole Jeds Moon Shine that is made from 100% reclaimed, unfiltered Saskatchewan beer - and the reason for the birth of their distillery.

Tours are 30 minutes to an hour and can be booked for any group size, anytime.

Bandits Distilling – Weyburn, SK.
Bandits Distilling

Just over 100 kilometres southeast from Regina, in Weyburn, Saskatchewan is Bandits Distillery. Sown, grown and bottled with wild pride they specialize in a little Moonshine (nine flavours and counting). The names of their gin and vodka are particularly full of Canadian pride, like their Northern Lights Vodka and Red Coat Gin.

Conveniently, you don’t actually have to travel to Weyburn to pick up their spirits as you can purchase them at 19 different locations in the city, so you can drink responsibly.

Outlaw Trail Spirits - Regina, SK.
Outlaw Trail Spirits

Outlaw Trails Spirits is a bit of wild west history captured in a Saskatchewan-made spirit. As a tribute to the Outlaw Trail of the 1800s spanning from Saskatchewan all the way down into Mexico, owners Charmaine and John Styles, Ken Balius and Stella Dechaine founded the distillery in Regina’s Warehouse District. They craft small-batch artisanal spirits, often made from Saskatchewan-sourced ingredients like two-row malted barley and ancient grains.

For a taste of the old west and to pick up some of their hooch, you can go on a tour and visit their retail outlet and tasting room.

Minhas Distillery – Regina, SK.
Minhas Distillery

Minhas Distillery is one of the newest as well as one of the largest distilleries in Saskatchewan. Founded in 2017, owner Moni Minhas is all about sourcing local, including barley malted in Biggar, Saskatchewan, milk from local dairy farms, and fruit and honey sourced from around the province. Three different tours and tastings are available to the public and cost $12.