We all know Regina is home to the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders football team as well as the affectionately dubbed Rider Nation fan base. The whole province, in fact, has just as much Rider Pride as the capital city. With that, here are five items you might want to pick up as new (or old) Rider fans.   TourismRegina_177 1. A watermelon Not just for eating on hot summer days, watermelons are also handy for adding to your game day gear. Scoop out the tasty red fruit (and enjoy) then spend a few hours carving the rider logo into the rind of the watermelon and wear it as a helmet. Helpful tips? Trace your chosen design on in advance of cutting and use Vaseline inside to help preserve the watermelon. A less messy option is to purchase a foam watermelon helmet from the Rider Store at Mosaic Stadium. TourismRegina_178 2. Pilsner Flag No apartment wall or rider outfit is complete without a Molson Pilsner Saskatchewan Roughrider flag that conveniently moonlights as a cape. The flag comes in limited, specially marked boxes of Molson Pilsner 24-packs TourismRegina_204of beer. As the official beer of the Riders, the company has designed a variety of creative flags with different features, including this years’ black farewell edition flag in honour of the last year the Rider’s will play in the old stadium. 3. Rider License Plate Deck out your Saskatchewan license plate by adding a Rider logo and an ‘R’ at the beginTourismRegina_175ning of your license number. Swapping the “Land of Living Skies” slogan for “Pride Lives Here,” the plate costs only an additional $50 on top of regular registration fees and insurance premiums. There’s even a second vintage option with the slogan “Rider Nation” on a green plate with white trim. The Rider logo is more traditional with the two green wheat sheaves surrounding the Rider “S.” However, this place costs double at $100 plus regular fees and premiums. 4. Rider Jersey A must for any devoted sports fan is a jersey of your favourite team and player. When it comes to Rider gear, you can choose between green, white, black or pink colours. You can also pick up an umbrella, a poncho, seat cushions, toques and mitts – which are all helpful in any season of the year. And knowing Saskatchewan weather, all these items can come in handy throughout an entire game because you never know if it’s going to rain, hail, sleet or snow – or a combination of all in one afternoon or evening. 5. Rider Pride Free for anyone and the easiest on the list to make sure you have is the passionate Rider Pride seen not only throughout the province, but also globally. It’s not a far stretch to see a Rider hat or shirt pop up as far as Peru or on a cruise on the Danube in Europe. Rider fans are wildly passionate and “bleed green” regardless of wins or losses on the field. TourismRegina_170