With summer just around the corner, you may be thinking about ways to get toned up and get more fit. If you are anything like me, the same old mundane gym routine keeps it hard to stay motivated. However, lately there’s been some fun, new fitness outlets popping up that may make breaking a sweat a whole lot more enjoyable. In addition, there may be a few other ways that have been around for a while that you just haven’t considered. Here are my suggestions for fun ways to get fit in Regina: It's true. Throwing stuff feels good. Opening their doors in December 2016, LUMBERJAX Axe Throwing offers the opportunity to work on building up your core and shoulder strength by, you guessed it, chucking axes! How cool is that? With staff well trained to set visitors up safely, games, competition and practices are available for all, from kids to seniors. After safety, fun is their #2 objective. This is a great activity to not only get fit, but works well for a date night, office party, stress relief and more. "At the end of the day, it helps people get active. Instead of a more sedentary activity, axe throwing gets you up and moving. Chucking the 1 1/2lb axe works out your arms and core," says Tyson Liske, General Manager. Drop in nights are available (hour long sessions) for those who do not book with groups of six or more. Take your yoga practice to a higher level. If you are looking to up your yoga game, or simply seeking a more restorative, yet fun challenge, Yoga Haven has the class for you. "Aerial yoga offers a challenge to all attending with options to modify if they need something gentler," says instructor Lori Lee. Fun is key, however getting into the Cirque de Soleil type movements (think hanging inversions!) can also prove quite the challenge. As usual with yoga, there are options for everyone and with this type, Unnata aerial yoga, expect a good combination of on ground and in the air postures to test your balance and work your whole body. Step up to the barre. In early February this year, Local Barre set up shop to offer a new way to unite locals through fitness and fun. Teaching low-impact, full-body barre classes which blend elements of ballet, yoga and Pilates, this dance inspired workout can be done without any experience However, you may be surprised how well it works your muscles. Through plies, extensions and more, the accessible activity tones and builds long, lean muscles in a warm group environment focused on fun. "Although fitness is our bread and butter, we truthfully are just as focused on making Local Barre a fun, welcoming and exciting environment for everyone who walks through our doors," shares Stacy of Local Bar. So to mix up your routine and step up to the barre where you can expect a new experience complete with energetic instructors and upbeat playlists. Team fun. Train for the Dragon boat races. What’s better than getting out for a day on the lake? This year, why not considering putting together a team for the Dragon boat races. Taking place on September 1 and 2 on Wascana Lake, the races offer the chance for team fun and fitness while enjoying the crown jewel of the city, Wascana Park. The event started back in 1992 and 2017 marks its 26th year! With a focus on fun, family, community and culture, the recreational sporting event also has a children's and arts/crafts venue for paddlers and the public. "While it's not necessary to be fit or train to paddle, it is a physical and technical sport. Just ask a paddler," says  Barry Eisenzimmer, Regina Dragon Boat Festival President. "An hour of practice on the lake will give you a great workout! Join a dodgeball team Long gone are those hard red balls that left nasty marks – this childhood favorite game is a serious workout. Dip, duck and dive your way into a new you! If you are looking for fun, trust me, tears of laughter can often be seen flowing while watching people trying to dodge balls. Getting hit can often be pretty hilarious too (thank goodness for NERF technology!). So whether you want to join a team just for fun, or to make your competitive mark on the courts, it's a sport that offers a whole body workout! There are a few leagues in the city where you can jump back into this absolutely fast paced sport. Gather a team together or join one accepting players. Check out the Regina Rec League and the DECA Dodgeball for more information.