Sunday night, concert-goers experienced an outstanding, sold-out performance by Guns N' Roses! Not only was this Mosaic Stadium's first major concert, but it was also the band's first tour with its original members in over 20 years. This  event proved to be a huge success - the band played for over three hours to a crowd of over 33 thousand fans. This left us locals excited and optimistic for the next big names to visit the city. Our Regina Ambassador Enid was there to witness this historic night.   "It was definitely an experience! The concert was such a memorable one. The stadium was packed, it didn't matter when it was, there would be fans here and there. It's one of those concerts that make Regina seem like a big city because of how many people were there! An evening with an iconic 80's rock band and a good pal is a rad way to enjoy a Sunday evening!" -Enid