Golf fever is set to take over the Queen City as some of the best golfers on the planet will soon be descending upon our fair city for Canada’s national women’s golf championship. 

The CP Women’s Open will be played at the Wascana Country Club from August 23rd to the 26th. It’s the first time the national championship will be played in Regina, and Saskatchewan. How cool is that? 

Some might say it’s about time too as our province has the second most golf courses per capita in the country according to a 2017 report from Golf Canada and the PGA of Canada. 

Even though the summer is winding down, there’s still plenty of time to grab the sticks and whack the ball around for a few hours on a beautiful day.

Beginners luck

If you’re looking to work on some of the games basics, looking to play for the first time or teach your kids to play, the Lakeview Par 3 is the place to be.

The course is extremely short with all 18 holes falling between 120 and 58 yards long. The short holes are good for weekend warriors looking to improve their short game or for anyone, especially kids, looking to learn the game in a less intimidating environment. It’s also Regina’s most affordable course with adult green fees coming in below $20.00.

The middleman

So, you’ve taken a few swings at the driving range and are feeling pretty confident eh? Well, time to take that next step and see what you’ve got at the Joanne Goulet Golf Club. 

The Goulet, as it’s known, is longer than Lakeview and offers up a few different challenges for the average golfer, like water and sand but still isn’t overwhelming for those trying to pick up the game, thanks to few trees and big greens. 

The name of the game at the course found in Regina’s northwest, is speed. If you’re looking for a quick round before or after work, the Goulet can be played much quicker than the usual four-plus hours it takes to play most courses. 

It’s go time

For the weekend warrior, there’s a pair of courses just minutes apart from each other that provide challenge and variety. 

Just north east of Regina off highway 46 you can find Tor Hill and the Murray. Tor Hill is a 27-hole course that keeps things fresh with different sets of 18 opening up at different times throughout the day. If you book smartly, you’ll never play the same 18 holes twice in a row without being unfamiliar with them at the same time. 

The Murray is one of the longer courses, and can be tough thanks to plenty of trees, bunkers and water. It’s finishing hole, number 18, might be one of the harder holes in Regina. Water is within driving distance for most. So, golfers are left with the decision to risk it or lay up. From there, an uphill shot up a narrow fairway surrounded by trees to a fairly small green isn’t any easier. Just ask anyone who had a shot at their best round ever ruined by this hole … like me. To make up for it, there are some elevated tees and a short par 4 number 17 that provide enough fun (and don’t want to make you pull your hair out). 

No matter your skill level or experience, Regina has a golf course for you. If it’s not your thing, well there’s always the clubhouse!

Learn more about the CP Women’s Open here. Addresses for Regina’s courses can be found here.