Regina not only has the beautiful Wascana Lake to paddle on, there are plenty of Park area’s with ponds perfect for learner and beginner paddlers if you have your own personal watercraft.

East Regina is home to the Sandra Schmirler Leisure Centre and Outdoor spray pad, behind the centre in part of Windsor Park is a pond or storm water retention area that can be used for paddling of all kinds. Grabbing a friend and a canoe can make light of an afternoon on the water where there are plenty of Canada geese and mallard ducks to keep you company. You can access the pond from a concrete slab or rocky bank behind the northeast side of the leisure centre.

Behind the Sandra Schmirler Leisure Centre and spray pad

Northwest Regina

Northwest Regina has a number of stormwater areas that can be used for paddle sport recreation, so long as you own your own watercraft.

Behind the Northwest Leisure Centre, you can find a pond in Rochdale Park. Get into the water from the back of the parking lot. You can push out from a small rocky bank. The area is picturesque, with ducks, geese and dog walkers frequenting the park. Parking closest to the water will cut down on the distance you have to portage your watercraft making this a great place to learn to paddle.

Rochdale Park behind the Northwest Leisure Centre

Lakewood Park, not far from Rochdale Park also offers a pond for paddling. Limited parking can be found off the street on Wellband Drive. You will have to portage your watercraft the short distance to the pond. When there, you will find rocky banks to push out from or have a picnic by the water.

Several homes back the water and as a public park. Always remember to respect the grounds and private property.

Lakeridge Park North is another pond in Northwest Regina that offers water for recreational paddling. Located off of Lakeridge Road in a residential area, parking is limited. You will need to unload your watercraft near one of the walking paths on Harrison Way, and then find a safe place to park on the street. Investing in a cart for your kayak or canoe may come in handy when transporting from one location to the next and getting to the water without damage or injury. Lakeridge has the largest of the three ponds. The water can be easily accessed via a concrete ramp to the water, or off the nearest rocky bank.

*Please note: Although these pond areas are suitable for paddle sport, they are not suitable for swimming as noted by the City of Regina.

Lakewood Park Pond

West Regina

West Regina is home to a hidden gem for leisure paddlers at A.E. Wilson Park. The large body of water stretching from Ritter Avenue all the way through A.E Wilson Park, past the Rick Hansen Optimist Playground and Dieppe Park, continues under the McCarthy Boulevard bridge before leading into the west side of Wascana Creek. This beautiful park area contains walking paths, multiple family friendly play areas, bridges to small scenic islands, and banks full of both weeds and wildflowers. Your eyes are sure to wander as you paddle through this mini paradise in the city. Spend a day at the park paddling under bridges and around the Boreal and Plains islands taking in the scenery before heading back to the beach.

Parking is available in a number of places around the area, the closest spot to water access is the parking lot off Ritter Avenue or Dorothy Street, where you will have to portage your craft to the nearby beach area and launch there. Other areas for parking include the Jack Hamilton Ice Arena and the Rick Hanson Optimist Playground. You will have to portage across the nearest foot bridge over to the beachy area, or find a nearby gentle slope down to the water. Most banks off the water are shallow and full of large rocks, so be weary of slipping while entering the water.

One of the bridges you will pass under while exploring the area

By Guest Blogger: Britt Schroers