2016 is the International Year of Pulses and to celebrate Regina hosted the first ever Great Canadian Pulse off restaurant competition! Local chefs from across the city created a pulse-focused dish, which was voted on by the public. Read Suzy's experience tagging along on a media tour, meeting awesome international journalists, and trying the dishes. "Here's an embarrassing thing: My dad grows pulses--I mean, I'm not embarrassed that he grows pulses. I'm embarrassed that exactly one week ago I was home for a visit on my parents' farm and my mom sent me home with a bucket of fresh chickpeas grown by my own father and still, I couldn't have told you what a pulse was...Iiiiii'm the worst." "So it was that bright and early Friday morning, I found myself sitting beside a journalist from Vancouver on a party bus bound for Riceton, SK to talk to a farmer named Lee Moats (all good stories start like this, don't they?)." "Conclusion: I'm all for this Pulse Day thing. I attempted a recreation of one of the dishes at home and it turned out so good (I randomly met the the wife of the owner of the Lancaster this morning and was so tempted to ask for the taco recipe...I refrained)." -Suzy