I'm completely naked in the blackness that surrounds me. My eyes are wide open yet I can’t see anything. I can’t feel anything either. My entire body is weightless. But I’m comfortably warm and not panicked despite being inside an enclosed pod that’s eight feet by four feet. In fact, I’ve become so relaxed since entering this tiny space that my mind is drifting leisurely in the silence and darkness. It’s unusual for my mind to be so quiet and focused. Having stripped down and showered first, I’ve stepped inside a floatation tank at Float Now for a float therapy session (it’s like a giant, enclosed bathtub). I’m hoping to disconnect from my everyday life and find a few moments of relaxation. I’m also hoping to release the tension in the muscles of my back from an old sports injury that constantly grieves me. Lying in only 11 inches of water mixed with 1000 pounds of Epsom salts for buoyancy, I’m surprised at where I hold tension. My jaw is tight, my shoulders are shrugged into my ears and my upper legs feel as though they need to brace the rest of my body. I consciously focus on relaxing my muscles. I begin to trust that the water will hold me up. Slowly, I release each area of my body and give in to the weightlessness. It’s more effortless than floating at Manitou Lake.

Although my session is 90 minutes (which seems lengthy to lie still in water in the dark), time distorts inside the pod. It’s hazy. In fact, I’m uncertain of whether I dozed off because the session passes so quickly. But according to the staff at Float Now, that’s normal for a floating experience. Float therapy’s entire purpose is to achieve a state of both physical and mental relaxation. It’s meditative. Climbing out of the pod and showering off the salt and water solution, I assess how I feel: calm, peaceful and definitely relaxed. My back muscles no longer feel tight and uncomfortable and I am more flexible. The floatation experience is a success and I’m looking forward to my next visit Where to Float Floating is popular in Regina with four float centres to choose from: Float Now is the newest float centre in the city. Opening their first location in Saskatoon in 2012, they’ve brought their edgy yet relaxed style to the Queen City as of 2018. Smith & Best is not your average general store. A mash-up of a chiropractic clinic, float studio and vendor of quirky trinkets and eclectic gifts, there are more reasons to visit than just floating. Check out Hang with the Locals blogger Kenton de Jong’s experience of floating at Smith & Best here. Serenity Float Spa is a stylish and relaxing float centre focused entirely on your health and wellness. They’re also licensed so you can enjoy a glass of wine post-float. NeuroFitness takes mental health seriously. They offer float sessions as well as brain and vibration training for a balanced life.