A freshly baked donut for your afternoon coffee break? Donut mind if I do! For a unique gourmet sweet treat, check out one of Regina’s many local donut pop-up shops. Yes, you read that right – there are a few small businesses right here in Regina that create and sell gourmet donuts in pop-up shops around the city. I’ve tried donuts from each of these vendors and I can tell you that you donut want to miss this! 

What is a pop-up shop? Basically, these donut vendors set up a small sales area in another local shops or markets (like the Farmers Market). For example, many of these vendors regularly set up pop-up shops in locally owned coffee shops around the city. You’ll find pop-up shop information (dates, times and locations) by following these vendors on social media (Instagram and Facebook). Word of advice – get there early! Since these donuts are baked and sold fresh at each sale, limited quantities are available. Some vendors sell out in as little as 20 minutes!

So who are these creative donut-baking experts? Let me start by saying that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy, Lindsay and Katie and they are all just as sweet at their donuts! Once you meet them for yourself and see the quality they put into their products, you’ll see why Regina residents are so happy to support them.

Jimmy – HoBo Donuts

When we first visited Jimmy’s pop-up shop, we arrived early and there was already a line of people waiting! I think that’s proof right there that you want to try these donuts. HoBo Donuts are so soft, light & fluffy – your teeth sink right into these! Extra drool napkins required. With your first bite, you’re going to be able to taste the difference between freshly baked and pre-packaged donuts. His menu changes regularly but there are some customer favourites that make it into the regular rotation like Homer – a donut with pink icing and sprinkles. My personal favourite – Fruity Pebbles.

Lindsay – Do Si Donut

My boyfriend has a special place in his heart for Do Si Donut’s Million Layer Donuts. “The next time I go there, I’m buying ALL the Million Layer Donuts.” Nope, he’s not kidding so you better beat him to her next sale. Lindsay’s donuts will remind you of the classic donuts your grandma used to bake but with a modern twist. The flaky, buttery Million Layer donut has been given “the best donut I’ve ever tasted” award by my boyfriend but there are plenty of other tasty creations to choose from as well like Lemon Meringue, Saskatoon Cheesecake, Chocolate Sponge Toffee, and more.

Katie – The Everyday Kitchen

Katie bakes up sourdough donuts so they have a slightly different taste than the fluffy donuts you may be used to. These delicious donuts are heavier – a quarter pound each – and offer a different version of this classic treat. With special added touches like homemade Oreos on the Cookies & Cream Donut, you’ll see why people start lining up 30 minutes in advance just to try one of Katie’s creations.

The Cookie Lady

If you’ve been to the Regina Farmers Market, you’ll already be familiar with The Cookie Lady but did you know they now make donuts too? Their first donut pop-up shop was in February 2018 so they’re fairly new to the donut scene but they’ve been a popular cookie vendor in the city for many years.    They try to make enough donuts at for each pop-up shop so they don’t sell out but I wouldn’t recommend waiting too long to get there! Their menu changes a bit for each pop-up shop but you can find delicious creations like Popcorn Ball, Matcha with Toasted Hemp Seeds or even Nude Minis served with a side of powdered sugar.

With 5 hungry boys to feed, donut judge me if you see me leaving a pop-up shop with a box or two of freshly baked donuts. If you get to a sale and they’re sold out, donut give up! Many of these vendors take special order requests as well, so reach out to them through their social media channels. Have I used enough donut puns yet? I donut think so…