The Regina Folk Fest Lineup Launch Party (RFFLLP for short) on Wednesday night was a lot of fun—the house was packed, the food was incredible (yay, Malinche!), Nick Faye and the Deputies played a great set (as per usual), and there were full-size chocolate bars on the snack table. Who could ask for anything more?

I mean, I suppose you could also ask for a killer lineup. There was that too.

Sandra Butel, boss lady extraordinaire, welcomed the excited crowd and then stepped aside so we could watch the announcement video on the screen at the front of the Artesian. It was fun to gauge the audience’s reaction to each act as faces and names appeared on the screen—notable extra-loud cheers erupted for Saskatchewan’s own (including Megan Nash, Colter Wall, Connie Kaldor and The Dead South).

This year’s lineup is sure to please people of all musical preferences and proclivities—the RFF team has drawn from so many different musical genres to bring together one of the most exciting and eclectic cast of musicians yet. From reggae to hip-hop to southern country to Argentinian folk to Mbalakh to mainstream pop, and so on (and on)—the whole ‘folk fest’ thing is kind of a misnomer at this point. But if you’ve ever been to an afternoon workshop stage at RFF, you know there’s nothing better than when three or four artists with seemingly nothing in common musically get to play together—it’s an experience like no other, for the audience and the musicians both.

For just a taste of the talent coming to Vic Park from August 9-11, I’ve made you a small playlist. I’d love to hear which acts you’re most excited to see on the mainstage, and which combinations you’re hoping for on the workshop stages!

Suzy's Spotify Playlist: RFF 2019!