Some would argue that there are four seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall). Others would say, well, we’re in Saskatchewan, so there is only winter and summer, and summer is very short, and don’t get me started on winter…

I propose a third theory: There are three seasons: anticipating the Regina Folk Festival (March to August), the actual weekend of the Regina Folk Festival (sometime in early August), and anticipating the lineup reveal for the next Regina Folk Festival (August to March). While others eagerly await the groundhog, which will supposedly tell them whether spring is coming early or not (and which, might I add, is rarely right), I await the sunny ping! that means I have an (always perfectly accurate) email from the RFF announcing the lineup for this year’s festival. Will it be Andrew Bird? Stars? Iron & Wine? Tegan & Sara? Emmylou Harris? Shakey Graves? (All acts who have graced the glorious outdoor mainstage in Vic. Park.)

The possibilities are endless.

The email comes first thing in the morning, every year, before I’m quite awake. I immediately text all of my RFF-loving friends and we discuss the lineup before we can even properly see our phone screens. We share song recommendations from the artists we’re most excited to see and Google the ones we’ve never heard of before, making our plans even before the official schedule comes out. It’s low-key, but exciting.

 This year will be different.

Because this year, the Regina Folk Fest is throwing a lineup reveal party at the Artesian in celebration of its 50th birthday. There will be music, provided by Nick Faye and the Deputies and DJ Busty Beats, food from Malinche, and, yes, cake.

(Not the band, the dessert.)

(But wouldn’t it be amazing if Cake the band was on the lineup? I’m crossing my fingers.)

The shindig is happening on March 13th. Doors at 6, $10 (free if you’re under 12). So if you want to be a big festival nerd and hang out with other big festival nerds (me), come down and see what’s up. I’ll be ready with my song recommendations.

(If you can’t make it though, don’t worry: I’ll report back here the day after and let you in on all the details.)