We’re officially on day 40-something(?). If you’re anything like us, you’ve exhausted your watchlist on all your streaming platforms. Tiger King? Check. Ozark Season 3? Check. Too Hot to Handle? Check. Maybe you’ve even used a different email account to take advantage of yet another free trial of Crave or Amazon Prime Video. We get it, times are tough. Gotta switch up the platforms!

Anyway, we’ve scoured the web high and low to find some of the best streaming options with Saskatchewan roots. Take advantage of those free trials and check out these shows that feature Saskatchewan locations or star homegrown talent.

Just Friends
I know what you’re thinking, a Christmas movie in May? Well, this movie is hilarious all year-round. PLUS, we had hunky Ryan Reynolds here in Regina. How lucky are we?! The scene with the front yard fire, we were there and wow it was COLD. Watch this flick and try to figure out which scenes are Regina or Moose Jaw.

Bonus points: Amy Matysio, a talented Regina actor, is in it.

You can watch Just Friends on Netflix or Google Play.

Orphan Black
Haven’t binged Orphan Black yet? Now. Is. The. Time. This show is unreal and full of twists and turns. It also stars Tatiana Maslany, who hails from Regina. Her role in Orphan Black scored her an Emmy. She is THAT good! Although it wasn’t filmed here, it was filmed in Toronto, which is still pretty cool.

You can watch Orphan Black on Google Play.

Corner Gas
When people think of Saskatchewan, they think Corner Gas and let me tell you they’re not wrong. Corner Gas is full of friendly people, which is exactly what you will find here in Saskatchewan. Fans of Corner Gas rejoice because there is now an animated series as well. We all need a little humour these days.

You can watch the original Corner Gas and the animated version on Crave.

Little Mosque on the Prairie
Little Mosque is a heart-warming show about the Muslim community in Mercy, Saskatchewan. Mercy doesn’t exist in real life. But Little Mosque was filmed in Regina and Indian Head. This show will have you both laughing and crying. There are six seasons, so start your binging.

You can watch Little Mosque on Crave.

Tales from the Loop
Any Sci-fi lovers in the house? You need to watch this new show scrap that, binge this new show. It was filmed just outside of Regina. How cool is that? It is so good and keeps you guessing the entire time. You may even start to wonder if you’re living in a loop.

You can stream Tales from the Loop on Prime Video.

Get lost in a little girl’s imagination in Tideland. This horror flick was filmed outside Regina and stars Jeff Bridges. This movie is best enjoyed at night, with the lights off. Let your imagination take you away!

You can watch Tideland on Prime Video.

Happy streaming!