Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly. Wondering how to treat your sweetie like royalty here in the Queen City? We’ve got a shopping guide to help! What says Valentine’s Day more than chocolate? We swung by Bernard Callebault (2130 Robinson St.) for some suggestions and noticed the phrase, “Chocolate is emotion” across the front window. We clearly made the right choice. Owner David Loblaw pointed out several promotions for Valentine’s Day, including chocolate hearts with more chocolates inside, chocolate roses packaged in white boxes, chocolate lollipops and cupids. He emphasizes the need to pre-order through their website for holiday treats, or you may be disappointed. “The Valentine’s Day chocolates sell out quickly, and on February 13 and 14, we’re lined up out the door. You could be waiting one-and-a-half or two hours if you don’t pre-order,” he says.
Chocolate valentine heart: Bernard Callebault website

Next door to Bernard Callebault is the bakery, Sinfully Sweet (2130B Robinson St.) best known for their cupcakes and elaborate special-occasion cakes. They have some fun promotions for the occasion as well, including cupcake bouquets complete with vases and as adults-only “staycation” cupcakes that contain alcohol. Sinfully Sweet also has something for the “anti-Valentine’s Day” crowd: cookies emblazoned with writing such as “#foreversingle.”

Cupcake bouquet: Sinfully Sweet Facebook page
  You can find another alternative to flowers at Edible Arrangements (2725 E Quance St.), where they make beautiful bouquets out of fruit and, of course, chocolate. The chocolate covered strawberries are the most popular, either in a box or a bouquet. They are well-stocked for Valentine’s Day, so even if you’re a last-minute kind of person, you’ll be okay. If you want something specific, though, it’s best to give a few days’ notice. Having an Edible Arrangement delivered to your sweetie’s workplace is a great surprise that is sure to brighten their day.
Be Mine Bouqet -- Edible Arrangements website
  Jewellery is also a mainstay for the special day. Christopher at Fire and Ice Custom Jewellery and Repair (3125 E Quance St.) says that the majority of people who come into his store are looking to spend $200 or less on Valentine’s Day gifts. He says some of the options in that price range include silver charms and necklaces, earrings and jewellery without stones. “We find out people’s needs in terms of their budget and timeline and try to help them. We find a way to make it work.” They will also restore or repair existing jewellery—does your sweetie have a favourite necklace that broke?—to make it look like new. Repairs can be ready fairly quickly, as they are done in house. Another option is to buy a raw stone or take gold or stones from old jewellery and have it made into something new. “This way, they can design whatever they want. It’s like going to a custom seamstress for a dress,” Christopher says. It takes 8 to 12 weeks for the custom process, so a gift card would be the best choice if you wanted to go this route for Valentine’s Day.
Custom ring: Fire and Ice website
  Local jewellery designer Megan J. Hazel (3207 E Quance St., Riverview Plaza) also has some offerings for Valentine’s Day: hearts and hugs pendants in either sterling silver, 14K yellow gold or 14K rose gold. They can be sold separately or layered and range in price from $85 to $250.  People can call or text to secure their order (306-737-2202) or pop by the shop. Hazel also does custom work and has become known for her “old made new” designs that take family heirlooms and make them into something modern. Follow her on Facebook to stay on top of her latest creations.
Heart and hug pendants: photo by Megan Hazel
  We think that local chocolate and jewellery make the best Valentine’s Day gifts. What are you getting your sweetie this year?