Revel in our unparalleled elegance and crisp world-class service at The Hotel Saskatchewan, Autograph Collection. Read as Suzy gets to experience her own staycation at this newly-renovated hotel!

I have a friend who's a big fan of the staycation. She takes her family to a hotel here in town and they stay there overnight, use the waterslide, eat the continental breakfast, and go home in the morning. And, I mean, it makes sense...

Me, I've been skeptical of the idea--not because I don't think it's brilliant, but because it doesn't seem...correct. I guess I'm hung up on the definition. A vacation is for getting away. Literally: to vacate. Why in the world, I've wondered, would I spend money to stay in a place just down the street from where I already stay to do things I already do in a city I'm already in?
So, okay, a couple of weeks ago, Hotel Saskatchewan invited me and Barclay to spend a night there--my very own staycation. I thought to myself, Why not? First of all: I rarely turn down free things. Second, when you're skeptical of something you really should get right up close to it and examine it from all angles. And when the thing is something as pleasant and relaxing as a vacation, whether you could hold a dictionary to it or not, all the better. - Suzy