5 Ways to Support Local Businesses During a Lockdown

With the current restrictions in our city limiting operations of many businesses, we’ve outlined some ways for you to support the businesses you…
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9 Regina Businesses Owned & Operated by Women

To celebrate International Women's Day, here are a few of MANY businesses in Regina founded by women. Visit one of these women owned local…
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Your Guide to Trying Winter in Regina

Follow this guide for a 2-day staycation in Regina, checking out a few of Regina’s best winter experiences and a few of…
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Bearded Prairie Chef’s guide to the PERFECT steak

I’m Josh Miller known as the Bearded Prairie Chef! I was a top 3 finalist on MasterChef Canada Season 6. I LOVE everything about food... the way…
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3 Regina Neighbourhoods Not to Miss

Regina Downtown Downtown is the heart of our fair city. From grabbing a drink with friends to buying a custom made suit,– there’s…
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What to See and Do in Lumsden For Every Type of Traveller

The historic town of Lumsden 30 kilometres north of Regina on Highway 11 is a picturesque piece of paradise nestled in the Qu’Appelle Valley.…
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