Fancy a cup of tea? Check out these Regina businesses that serve traditional afternoon tea! If afternoon tea makes you think of people in Britain drinking lukewarm tea with their pinky sticking out, you are not alone. It might surprise you to find out that Regina has a flourishing afternoon tea business. I always thought that high tea and afternoon tea was named after the drink that was served. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that it refers to the time that you eat. High tea and afternoon tea refer to the time of day that a meal is served. A tea beverage may or may not be served - although it usually is at least one of the options. High tea is not only something that you can enjoy in England. There are several places right here in Regina that have high tea or afternoon tea.

Cafe Francais

Cafe Francais serves high tea once a month. It is more like a four course meal than a serving of sandwiches and dainties. I went there on Easter Sunday and enjoyed Salisbury steak, hot cross buns, quiche, dainties, and sandwiches on freshly made bread. The 3 owners all work at Cafe Francais, and the chef, Young Chang trained at the Cordon Bleu in Paris. When they aren’t serving tea, they have freshly made pastries, specialty coffees and do a booming cake business. [caption id="attachment_17156" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Cafe Francais Tea[/caption]

Vintage Tea Room

Karen, the owner of the Vintage Tea Room is passionate about tea. She says it’s more of an experience than just a meal. She adheres to the old tradition of having the perfect temperature for your tea, warming the teapot, and serving it in a serene atmosphere. The Vintage Tea Room is located on North Broad Street. The inside is full of the smell of freshly cooked meat pies and baking. The decor is vintage, with antique furniture acting as a display for various pieces of china. The Vintage Tea Room offers two different kinds of special teas: They have an afternoon tea, which is finger sandwiches, scones, Devon cream, assorted pastries, and tea. There’s also a royal tea, which is the same foods, but served with a silver tea service and fine china. [caption id="attachment_17157" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Vintage Tea Room[/caption]

Hotel Saskatchewan

The Hotel Saskatchewan serves afternoon tea every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 2:30. Their regular afternoon tea comes with strawberries with Chantilly cream, sandwiches, dainties, and loose-leaf tea. For the little ones, they have a special princess and prince tea that comes with such delicacies as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, s’mores eclairs, and shirley temples. They also have a ladies and gentlemen's tea that comes with a whiskey flight. The children’s tea and ladies and gentlemen’s tea are special events so contact the Hotel Saskatchewan for more information.

Floral Conservatory

The Regina Floral Conservatory is open from September until June. The Regina Garden Associates, a volunteer association, run the teas. The Conservatory puts on five special afternoon teas a year. You can enjoy coffee, tea, and dainties, along with some local music. The next tea at the Conservatory is on May 7th in honour of Mother’s Day.

Government House

If you want to enjoy tea in a beautiful old building, surrounded by antique furniture, and served by people wearing Victorian style garb, Government House is the place for you. Around once a month, Government House hosts a Victorian Tea. You get sandwiches, a fresh scone and jam, dessert, and of course, tea, all served in vintage teacups and plates. The majority of the workers are volunteers - many of them have volunteered there for years. All of the places that serve afternoon tea in Regina take their tea seriously. It’s more than a meal; it’s an experience for your taste buds. It’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon, enjoying this traditional British offering.