There are tons of amazing restaurants in Regina and it's almost impossible to try them all. However, Regina Ambassador Suzy made a strong effort during restaurant week. See what restaurants you need to head over to NOW.
The next night, Barclay and I went out with the Tourism Regina crew to The Willow on Wascana, another local restaurant I've never been to before but have always wanted to try. I think they called it a customer experience night, or something like that. Basically, they brought us almost every dish on the menu, and the chef would come out and explain what we were eating and where they'd sourced the ingredients, etc, which is always a fun thing. We had bone marrow and bison tongue and pork wellington and wild boar chowder and oyster mushroom tostada with sheep's feta and beef cheeks on gnocchi and some kind of fish and tandoori chicken and sour cream and onion doughnuts and chocolate budino and apple cake... There might have been other things, too. It was a legitimate Experience, though. Two days later, Barclay and I are still talking about it like it was a show we went to, discussing and dissecting the flavours and strange but wonderful combinations. -Suzy