It’s no secret that I love a good cupcake or cake, or danish, or tart ... and now I’m drooling on my keyboard. Whether you’re looking for a dozen cupcakes for your next event or the perfect place for a coffee date with friends, you’re sure to find plenty to choose from in this list of the best bakery treats in Regina. le Macaron If you’re looking for a bakery & coffee shop for your next night out, le Macaron is the place to go! Take a seat by the fireplace, order a delicious piece of cake and sip gourmet coffee while catching up on the latest news with your girlfriends. Le Macaron has a large selection of bakery treats like cakes, tarts, mousse, squares, and of course macarons. They also have a crepe bar that will leave you drooling! regina-bakeries-le-macaron Cathedral Bakery There is no better place in Regina for cupcakes and cakes than Cathedral Bakery. It is my absolute favourite place in the city for cupcakes and cakes, and I’m sure you’ll love the large selection of cupcakes, éclairs, cookies and more. Although there isn’t a seating area to enjoy the cupcakes in the bakery, you can grab one to enjoy while you walk around the specialty shops in Cathedral Village. regina-bakeries-cathedral Koko Patisserie With the delicious selection of tarts, cupcakes, brownies, cakes, danishes and more, you’ll have a tough time choosing just one treat at Koko Patisserie. They have a large selection of goodies you can take home to bake in your own oven so grab one for the road and some more for your freezer! regina-bakeries-koko Sweet Bakery & Coffee House I fell in love with Sweet Bakery after trying one of their delicious tarts. They have an outdoor deck near the corner of Broad & Collage that’s perfect for an afternoon tea party. The next time you run around Wascana Park, run over to Sweet Bakery and treat yourself to one of their desserts! In fact, go ahead and have two – you deserve it! After all, you did just run all the way around the lake! regina-bakeries-sweets Fresh & Sweet Regina At Fresh & Sweet you’ll find a large selection of cupcakes, homemade gelato, gourmet candy apples and other bakery treats. This is also a great place to go for a unique Sunday brunch with menu items such as Red Velvet Pancakes and Banana Bread French Toast. regina-bakeries-fresh-and-sweet D’licious Treats You’ll find Dolores of D’licious Treats at the Regina Farmer’s Market. Her giant chocolate chip cookies cannot be beat! She sells a large variety of cookies and treats and you can even buy dough to bake up your own delicious cookies at home. Best. Cookies. Ever. regina-bakeries-dlicious The Green Spot Cafe I’m sure you’ve heard about their famous delicious cinnamon buns (only baked Wednesday and Saturday mornings) but you’ll also want to taste one of their scones fresh from the oven. The Green Spot Cafe is located downtown on Hamilton Street. regina-bakeries-green-spot Brewed Awakening Catch up on the latest news with your girlfriends while enjoying desserts and gourmet coffee in the Brewed Awakening cafe or sunroom. You’ll find a large selection of cookies, muffins and some tasty specialties like Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake. regina-bakeries-brewed-awakenings Cobs In addition to all the fresh breads & buns at Cobs, you’ll also find mouth-watering sweets like cinnamon buns, scones, danishes and more. All breads and sweets are baked fresh in-store each morning and you’ll start drooling the moment you walk into one of their bakeries. regina-bakeries-cobbs Orange Boot Bakery Orange Boot Bakery specializes in homemade breads and buns, but you’ll also find a few sweets like cinnamon buns to take home and enjoy. regina-bakeries-orange-boot Where are your favourite places to find sweet treats in Regina?