Ahh yes. August in Regina. Those classic, hot, endless summer evenings. Green grass and quality time spent outdoors. In my opinion, the Regina Folk Festival weekend has always been the absolute best weekend of the year to explore the Queen City. I’m here to give you my suggested itinerary for my perfect weekend exploring the Regina Folk Festival.

Photo Credit: Regina Folk Festival


The weekend is here! Yahoo!

Whether you live in Regina or you’re visiting for the weekend to watch your favourite bands play Regina Folk Festival, it’s time to have some fun. Treat yourself to a unique culinary experience at Avenue (2201 11th Ave.) in the heart of downtown Regina. Avenue is a hot new restaurant opened by Top Chef Canada winner Dale Mackay, and you’ll want to experience firsthand what all of the buzz is about.

Photo Credit: Angela Bailey

After you’ve wined and dined to your heart’s content, bring a blanket or a few lawn chairs and make your way down to Victoria Park to experience the Regina Folk Festival’s main-stage in all its glory! If you feel like keeping the party going, you can take in the official RFF after-party for more music, dancing and great drinks.

Photo Credit: Regina Folk Festival


For those of you who have never experienced a Saturday at the Regina Folk Festival, I have good news for you: THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR TO EXPLORE REGINA.

Start your day with a big ol’ cup of coffee and some light bites. Looking for a unique way to wake up? Head over to the Craft Services Cafe inside of the Mackenzie Art Gallery (3475 Albert St.). Grab a coffee and fuel up before you take a quick lap around the gallery. The rotating exhibitions and permanent collections have something for everyone, and the planters in the atrium are some of my favourite in the city. What better way to wake up your brain than with some thought-provoking art and nice plants?

Head downtown and explore the Regina Farmers’ Market and the Regina Folk Festival artisan market. There are SO MANY amazing local artisans, farmers, and producers with their wares on display. You’ll join the crowds of happy people, families and dogs roaming City Square Plaza and the Scarth Street Mall. This is the ultimate window shopping, actual shopping, and people-watching experience.

Photo Credit: Shelby Moffatt

Spend your afternoon taking in the free Regina Folk Festival daytime stage entertainment in Victoria Park and Scarth Street Mall. The main-stage festival performances are great, but this is where the real magic happens in my opinion. You never know what’s going to happen when the RFF puts together new, unfamiliar, and unique musicians on stage and gives them an hour to do whatever they want. I’ve seen some of the most amazing musical experiences at these daytime stages, and you’ll want to experience it all.

Photo Credit: Regina Folk Festival

Pop into a pub to grab a local craft beer or two to get out of the sun for a few minutes. I’m partial to Rebellion’s sour beers, Malty National’s IPA, and Pile O’ Bones White IPA myself. You’ll also want to be sure to grab a bite at one of the many amazing food trucks/stalls in the plaza, and then head to the main-stage to dance and sway the night away.

After the main-stage ends, the party doesn’t stop there. Head over to the Regina Folk Festival after-party and dance the night away! Dig deep, find that extra gear! Live in the moment and enjoy all that this weekend has to offer.


Sleep in. Seriously. Take some time and recoup after that wild Saturday. You deserve it.

You might need a big greasy breakfast to give you a little extra strength to enjoy one last great festival day. I’d recommend one of my favourite breakfast spots in the entire world: Nicky’s Cafe (1005 8th Ave). They have my favourite bacon in the city and a great breakfast special (Life Hack: substitute hash-browns for a fruit cup for a lighter breakfast).

Take a few final strolls through the artisan market and pick up whatever you were on the fence about buying and take in a few more, free daytime performances. Enjoy a cocktail or beer on one of downtown Regina’s great patios! Beer Brothers (1821 Scarth St.), O’Hanlons (1947 Scarth St.), The Fat Badger (1852 Scarth St.), and The Capitol (1843 Hamilton St) all have nice patios near Victoria Park and boast impressive drink menus.

Enjoy the rest of the festival main stage performances and be sure to stick around until the end! Usually, there is a really fun finale that you won’t want to miss.

Photo Credit: Regina Folk Festival

I hope all you readers have as great of an experience as I do every year at Regina Folk Festival. It truly is a gem of an event in the heart of our amazing city, and we are very lucky to get to host so many amazing bands, volunteers and attendees every year. Enjoy, embrace the weekend, and I’m glad you chose the Regina Folk Festival! We’ll see you next year!