A 90’s tour? Oh say it ain’t so! Regina took a trip down memory lane this Spring with the ‘I Love the 90’s Tour.’ This tour featured some of our favorite classic 90’s bands such as: The Tea Party, Weezer, Vanilla Ice, Color Me Badd, Young MC, Rob Base, Salt-N-Pepa, Prozzak, Jimmy Eat World, Everclear, Vertical Horizan, and Fastball!

Check out what Regina Ambassador Suzy thought of this tour:

“I can summon music. I’m the Music Summoner. My cape has the Bandsintown app symbol on it, and I only use my powers for the good of all humankind (but only the humankind that dwells in my immediate vicinity).So, okay, I was on Twitter one day and I said something like (but not necessarily): “I love 90s music so much, it’s so great, I’d marry it, etc.”
That was all it took. It was like the magic horn (like a bugle, but richer) in the Narnia series that Father Christmas gave to Susan, with the instruction that she should blow it in emergencies and some kind of help would come to her. Twitter is my magic horn, and musical emergencies are a real thing. Don’t call me crazy behind my back; I have evidence.”