Looking for a spa that is into non-traditional treatments, or maybe one that also has a medical focus? Perhaps, you are looking for one that delivers the best classic treatments like pedicures and facials? Whichever type of spa you are seeking, one thing generally tends to be true – you want to leave feeling refreshed and relaxed. After all, it’s not only about beauty these days, the focus of many spas has shifted to wellness and many of our city spas have adopted a more holistic view, which is reflected in their treatments.

I’ve rounded up some of the city’s top spas and gathered responses on what they feel are both their top offerings and new treatments you may want to come in and try.

En Vogue Day Spa Located: 2340 Cornwall Street www.envoguedayspa.com

In business over 17 years now, En Vogue Day Spa is a true believer in wellness and the fact that relaxation is an integral part of every spa service. Here, treatments go above and beyond the notion that spa visits are solely about extravagance and self-pampering. This is a place where all treatments are designed with a simple but important purpose - to help people relax and decompress. They also believe in therapies that bring people closer together, allowing for couples especially, the ability to reconnect and relax together.


Hot treatment to try today: Thai Massage

Thai massage is a deep full-body treatment starting at the feet and progressing up to the head, using gentle flowing movements that loosen and stretch the body. Acupressure, an energetic aspect of this massage, is applied along the body’s energy lines in order to restore the flow of energy throughout, with the purpose to harmonize and energize.

Top selling treatments: Tibetan Sound Massage A contemporary ritual designed to re-balance the mind and body, this ancient practice is indigenous to the Tibetan medical tradition. It includes a full body massage combined with sound waves from Tibetan singing bowls placed on the body that helps to relieve tension, anxieties, and joint and muscle pain. Also consider trying the Arabian Night Ritual. Expect the mood to be set perfectly with a glowing fire and smell of sweet incense. Melt away with your partner as you enjoy body exfoliation, a tub soak and warm oil massages.


Just for You Day Spa Located: 1819 Cornwall Street www.justforyoudayspa.com

Focusing on relaxation and escape, Just for You Day Spa, has been around since 2012. This spa isn’t into fancy gimmicks. Instead, they stick to delivering on the promise of rejuvenation for their clientele, with a full menu of classic services served in a warm and elegant environment.


Hot treatment to try today: Pumpkin Bliss Facial Can’t resist the smell of pumpkins? Try the seasonal offering, the Pumpkin Bliss facial; a luxurious treatment designed to live skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. Enjoy a gentle cleanse using a pumpkin cleanser, along with an invigorating back, neck and shoulder massage using a blend of pumpkin and spice oils. This facial also includes a hand massage and scalp massage. They apologize in advance if you leave hungry.

Top selling treatments: 60-Minute Sampler and Tahitian Island Tranquility Massages Top treatments include the 60-Minute Sampler Massage; a combination of therapeutic, aromatherapy and warm stone massage. Also popular is the Tahitian Island Tranquility featuring a full body treatment body exfoliation, hydrating island butter application, detoxifying steam shower and massage to finish.


Essence – Organic Hair & Day Spa – 306-550-5071 Located: 2125 Victoria, in the lobby of The Hotel Saskatchewan www.essenceorganicspa.com

As you may have guessed from the name, Essence Organic Hair & Day Spa, which has been around for 10 years, is committed to an organic approach. Clients can expect nearly all treatments to be as close to organic as possible. All treatments incorporate prominent skin care line, Eminence, which is also 100% organic. Essence prides itself on providing quality spa services at prices guest can afford, despite its prestigious location.

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Hot treatment to try today: Organic Body Smoothie

This treatment feels as good as it sounds. Expect to fall into a deep relaxation with a full body exfoliation using a gloriously scented organic apricot or blueberry scrub. Then slip into the tub for a soak followed by a steam and full massage. The treatment lasts a blissful 2 ½ hours and is bound to leave you feeling stress free from head to toe.

Top selling treatments: Big “O” Facial

The Big “O” Facial has a reputation. It’s been one of spas top treatments for years now – and for good reason. It isn’t your typical facial; it is a sensory experience. Not shockingly organic in nature, products such as high content of seeds, pulp and skin, from organically grown fruits, vegetables, plants and nutrients are applied to the face. After all, natural feels good. Beyond the sublime facial treatment, clients enjoy a hand massage and foot soak, scrub and massage.

Jane’s Day Spa Located: 2323 Smith Street www.janesspa.com

Regina’s original day spa, Jane’s has been offering a complete range of high quality spa services for 35 years. Located in a beautifully renovated home from the early 1900s, guests enjoy Jane’s warm atmosphere. With customer service as its forefront; classic spa & beauty treatments are offered, as well as the newest up-and-coming medi-spa procedures.

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Hot treatment to try today: Microdermabrasion, Botox or Chemical Peels If you want help fighting the signs of aging, any of these three treatments are ones Jane’s suggest make a dramatic difference. One of only a handful of spas offering Botox (performed by a licensed doctor), this treatment relaxes the muscles in the face by filling in fine lines. And to decrease the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone and texture, sun damage and more, they promote either a chemical peel, which prevents aging at a cellular level, or microdermabrasion, which uses a deep physical exfoliation and polishing of the outer most layer of the skin.

Top selling treatments: Dermalogica Facials Using one of the top selling professional lines in Canada, Dermologica, Jane’s popular classic facial is customized to the clients skin type, helping to the achieve best results possible. In addition, the treatment includes both skin analysis and skin face mapping, which assist educate clients on skin types and help them maintain healthy skin post-visit. Also popular are their deluxe pedicures that include a brown sugar scrub and luxurious paraffin wax. The stand out feature here is that the pedicures are done in private rooms where clients receive the treatment while laying down on a cozy bed, helping them achieve a state of deep relaxation.

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Damara Day Spa Located: 1919 Saskatchewan Drive, in the lobby of the Delta Regina, and 4801 Harbour Landing (new location) www.damaradayspa.com

Offering a wide range of day spa and medical aesthetics treatments, Damara Day Spa prides itself on its highly-trained staff committed to providing personalized and dedicated service. The popularity of Damara continues to grow as they have branched out recently in multiple other cities.

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Hot treatment to try today: Laser and Microdermabrasion Both treatments are focused on restoring and correcting issues to help clients maintain a youthful appearance by improving skin complexion to help reduce the signs of aging. Innovative laser treatments and medical microdermabrasion are minimally invasive, making them appealing choices to those seeking an alternative to going under the knife in order to achieve a younger look.

Top selling treatments: Customized Facials Clients keep coming back for customized, luxurious facials such as the signature Vivescence Anti-Age Facial and Comfort Zone Spa Facial. Also popular are spa pedicures, massages and body treatments.