Once a year, the Regina Folk Festival hosts Winterruption. This festival's purpose is to chase the winter blues away with three nights of warming music. Talented artists like Begonia, Delhi 2 Dublin, Mo Kenney, Tom Wilson, Belle Plaine, Megan Nash and many others took the stage making the weekend just as magical as promised.

#SeeYQR Ambassador Suzy was one of the euphoric music fans able to experience Winterruption 2018.   

"5 years ago I got lost, by myself, at night, in some weird part of downtown Toronto. I was trying to get to a venue and Google Maps was telling me I was standing in front of it, but I was standing in front of an empty lot where a building had just been demolished. And I was texting my friends and they kept texting back the address, where Google Maps said I already was, and saying, “We’re here! Where are you?” It was like being in an episode of the Twilight Zone. I don’t even remember what happened next, but later that night, four or five or ten venues later and finally reunited with my friends, I saw Delhi 2 Dublin for the first time and they rocked. Good story. I know. ANYWAY. Tonight I saw them again and they still rock and I feel very nostalgic about the parts of that story I can actually remember." -Suzy